Cassano: ‘Italy make a bad impression internationally, both clubs and country’

Antonio Cassano highlighted his ‘disgust’ with Italian football and noted that it must evolve following the failure to qualify for the World Cup.

Only two Italian clubs are still competing in European competition, with Atalanta still competitive in the Europa League and Roma preparing for a task ahead of them in the Europa Conference League, following their 2-1 loss to Bodo/Glimt. All of the Italian teams competing in the Champions League were quickly knocked out.

Speaking on BoboTV, Cassano discussed Italian football as a whole and the poor impressions it makes.

“Italian football is disgusting. I’m talking about Allegri’s football, Capello’s football, even Simeone’s football in Spain….

“Luckily for us, that type of football has almost everywhere gone out of the archives. Today I only save Atalanta and the philosophy of coach Mancini, for the rest, football in Italy must evolve.

“What does Allegri’s Juve game bring me? All we do now is make a bad impression at international level, both as clubs and as a national team.”

Roberto Mancini has decided not to resign from his role as Italy coach, meaning he’ll oversee the Azzurri revolution as the team look to prepare for their next major tournament, Euro 2024 in Germany.

The topic of Italian football has been heated following the play-off disaster, with many calling for completely new ideas and systems in order to turn things around, whilst others are more conservative and simply call for the regular inclusion of younger talents.

7 Comments on “Cassano: ‘Italy make a bad impression internationally, both clubs and country’”

  1. Why do they always interview this loser? Won nothing in his tumultuous career and absolutely wasted his talent. Makes Balotelli look like a choir boy. Crawl back under your rock.

  2. Gifted player, horrible attitude, but absolutely correct to point out the flaws of Allegri. Lets just hope he never becomes coach of the national team or that will set Italy back 100 years into darkness.

  3. @NOrata – what has he said here that is inaccurate? Say what you want about his career (yes, he was an idiot that wasted his talent) but he understands the game. Most of what he says – whether in this interview or others – is accurate and on point. Italian teams – especially Juventus and Inter – have been catastrophic in Europe in recent years, yet are the darlings of Italian soccer. Atalanta, a provincial squad, came within minutes of beating PSG, and put up a valiant effort against Real Madrid despite playing almost a full game with 10 men. They also won in Liverpool in the group stages. Juventus? Lost to Lyon, Ajax an Villareal in knockout games. Pathetic. Inter? Even worse. And look at Milan – top of the table this year – yet, absolutely made to look childish by Liverpool in both matches this year – including one in Milan where they brought a team of 18 year olds in a game Milan needed to win, and outplayed them. I love Italian soccer – but the truth is the truth – the “big guns” have no place in European competitions.

  4. He’s actually correct… between 2000-2010 i think serie A was the dominant European League only rivaled by La Liga coz of real Madrid and Barcelona… especially AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus and Roma…but after AC Milan went under… Inter also disappeared for awhile from European greatness… Juventus stayed afloat for a while up until 2018 when they bought Ronaldo, then Juventus also sucked…serie A and Italy is so pathetic now that they are only represented at the Europa league and Europa conference League…not te competitions that actually matter such like world cup and UEFA champions league, Allegri was successful in his first stint at the club coz he took over Conte’s mighty team…much like Philipo Inzaghi… Taking over from Conte’s amazing exploits…if they were really that great they’d build a team from scratch and win the Leagu with it, but Inzaghi failed to do that with Lazio and Allegri with his old tactics values a clean sheet rather than scoring goals… It’s painful to watch Italy and Italian teams play at this point

  5. Style is secondary to results. Winning is the only thing that matters and there are many ways to skin a cat.

  6. I dont like his attitude but dont doubt his talent and how much he hates juevntus, but i can say he is telling the truth, Allegry and simone style of football is obsolete it worked in the 90s, now football had changed , and i like the people with the philosophy play bad football but win , what happened to play nice football and win ? and if my team will play bad football then why would i watch them play ? i will just wait for the result at the end of the game and curse my luck for chooseing to cheer to such a team , and go enjoy a basketball game or watch man city or barcelona playing.

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