Carnevali confirms Inter’s interest in Scamacca and talks Juve-Raspadori

Giovanni Carnevali confirmed Inter’s interest in Gianluca Scamacca but noted that ‘it’s not certain he’ll be sold.’

The Neroverdi are known for producing exciting young talents and they currently have a number of stars in their squad, from Scamacca to Giacomo Raspadori and Hamed Junior Traorè. It’s likely that one or more of their prospects will be sold in the summer in order to fund other transfer ventures.

Speaking at the United by Alessandro Moggi event, Sassuolo CEO Carnevali first discussed the number of Sassuolo players called up for the Azzurri squad by Roberto Mancini.

“My first thought goes to owner Giorgio Squinzi, if he were here he would be super happy because it has always been his goal to build an Italian and young Sassuolo, these call ups are a great pride for all of us and a certification that we are doing the right thing.”

He touched on Inter’s interest in Scamacca but confirmed that a sale wasn’t guaranteed.

“There are no official offers for him or for other players. Inter were among the first to ask us for information, but we don’t have a great need to sell and there are also requests for other boys like Maxi Lopez and Traorè, but it is not certain that there will be a sale.

“We could also decide to keep the framework of this year’s team. If there are important conditions there will be an evaluation.”

The Sassuolo CEO commented on if Juventus have made an approach for Raspadori, following the announcement that Paulo Dybala’s contract won’t be renewed.

“We will ask for information on Dybala! Not this one, it’s impossible because we focus on young players who need to mature and then give them to the big clubs. I hope so, why not?

“We’ve already done the Locatelli deal with Juventus, if there was a chance to do more we’d be happy. In January an English club asked for him repeatedly, he’s a fundamental player for us.”

Carnevali discussed if Sassuolo were in a position where they’d need to sell one young star a year.

“It could be like that, it is always necessary to keep the accounts in order. The sporting aspect is important but the budget must also be correct, so sometimes it is necessary to make sacrifices, which we have also done this year, I’m thinking of Boga and Marlon.”

He confirmed that there was no fixed price tag on Scamacca.

“There isn’t one, today there is no desire to sell the boy and the figures depend on the offers. If Scamacca were to leave us it would be for an operation with a big club, therefore for a big sum.”

The Neroverdi CEO touched on Davide Frattesi, who has been heavily linked with a move to Inter.

“He’s not in the current national team group, but he’s a player who will be part of it. In this role there are not many, he has already had offers and we will see. The situation is favourable, not many clubs have so many offers.”

Finally, Carnevali discussed if Sassuolo’s goal was to return to European competition.

“Sooner or later we would like to get back there, as soon as possible. But we know it’s difficult, there are seven or eight clubs that are bigger than us in all respects.”

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  1. Raspadori is a viable option, i think Juve should pursue him…how I wish Pirlo was still manager, he would’ve done some serious damage with the likes of Vlahovic, Chiesa, Locatelli and potentially Raspadori, but anyways if they feel Allegri’s ancient tactics are what’s best then there’s nothing more to be done

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