Fabio Capello shares his thoughts on Italy’s disastrous World Cup elimination and believes the Azzurri should follow the German model rather than the Spanish one.

Italy have missed out on the second successive World Cup for the first time in history following an embarrassing 1-0 loss against North Macedonia at the Stadio Renzo Barbera.

It all happened just nine months after their triumph at Euro 2020, which doesn’t make last night’s result less painful. Everyone in the country is in disbelief and trying to explain how the Azzurri have failed to get to Qatar 2022.

“Italian football has imitated Guardiola for 15 years,” Capello told Sky Sport Italia.

“There were no vertical passes or physical strength, there is no habit to making challenges. On the other hand, we should follow Jurgen Klopp’s playing style.

“The only ones doing that in Italy are Atalanta and look at their results. Vincenzo Italiano is trying something similar, same as Alexander Blessin at Genoa who is offering even something more than Klopp. The German way is the model to follow, we don’t have the technique to look at the Spanish one.

“There is a high pace in European competition and we are not accustomed to it,” the ex-coach continued.

“There are not enough young Italian players, but there is a wrong idea at its base. We are the country of the back pass to the goalkeeper.

“Victor Osimhen, Romelu Lukaku and Tammy Abraham were just normal strikers abroad. They became champions in Italy. This should raise some questions.

“Sometimes, I am surprised to read some stats. ‘That player made 45 passes…’ Ok, but how many were key passes? How many of those passes were useful?”

Roberto Mancini could now decide to step down despite having a contract running until 2026. Italy great Fabio Cannavaro has been linked with replacing the former Sampdoria star, but FIGC President Gabriele Gravina hopes Mancio will decide to remain in charge of La Nazionale.

9 thought on “Capello tells Italy: ‘Better to follow Blessin and Klopp than Guardiola’”
  1. The main artery of this problem stems from serie A . I watch week in and week out I see 2 to 3 Italians feature on any given team. If you look at the 90’s it was not like that and the quality of the national team reflected that! Time for teams in the top flight to give young Italians a spot. You watch the Portuguese league, German league , French League they utilize their home grown talent. You see how much better they do ?! In domestic and international competition? This needs to change ! Period!

  2. @Fabrizio – most of France’s squad play in other leagues than the French league. So it has nothing to do with ‘home grown’ talent. Germany are not any better than Italy – although they do at least qualify.
    Back in the ‘golden days’ Italy attracted the best players in the world – so this raised the level of the league and was reflected in the success of the national team. Although England don’t win anything, their performance over the last decade has been their best ever – because the PL attracts the best managers and players. Serie A needs to radically modernise its infrastructure to encourage more fans (not ultras) and this will make the TV better and attract more investment. And then the players will come. Italy has so much to offer footballers – weather, food, location. Hell, an aquaintance of mine used to be one of Mourinho’s bodyguards when he was at Inter. Mourinho had a fantastic house (I never went inside) near Lago di Como. But now Pep and Klopp would rather go to Liverpool and Manchester than Piedmonte or Lombardia – because that is where the money and best players are. London I get – but anywhere else in England is pretty grim compared to almost anywhere in Italy.

  3. Limit foreigners is spot on. All seria a games must have 5 italians on each side and the side on the 2 day must have 2 under 21s. Seria B to have 7 italians and 2 under 21s on the field and seria C to have 9 italians and 3 under 21s. No Foreign players in Seria D with half the team under 21.
    The french and german teams that have recently won the world cups were made up of the foreign legion. There is a difference between heritage and just being born in a place.
    With italian players there must be an italian across each line. No foreign keepers as we produce the best.
    In 6 years the issue is fixed as it takes time for the youth to come through. Finally implement Baggios 900 page report.

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