Capello: ‘Milan can be competitive in Champions League’

by | May 23, 2022 20:44

Fabio Capello believes Milan can be ‘competitive’ in the Champions League with a couple of new signings after winning the Scudetto.

The Rossoneri took the Serie A title for the first time in 11 years, beating Inter to top spot on 86 points to 84.

That also means they will be in Pot 1 for the Champions League draw in the 2022-23 group stage, which ought to give them a more favourable set of opponents, at least on paper.

“Milan can no longer hide in the Champions League now, considering their results,” former Rossoneri chief Capello told Sky Sport Italia.

“The defence was solid, the forward line has got back to scoring goals in the last few weeks and many of their players are reaching maturity.

“With two or three good additions, Milan can be competitive in Europe.”

They have already secured Divock Origi as a free agent and he will have his medical after Liverpool’s Champions League Final against Real Madrid this Saturday.

Milan were out of the Champions League for seven consecutive campaigns and this term went out in the group phase.

They remain by far the most successful Italian club in the competition, though, winning the Champions League three times and its precursor the European Cup on another four occasions.

The most recent triumph was under Carlo Ancelotti in 2006-07.


  1. Milan Fan

    I completely agree.

    Look, in my opinion Milan only need a great right winger and an even better attacking midfielder to be competitive in Europe. Then if another great striker comes then that will be the icing on the cake.

    Now that’s without taking Botman, Sanches and Origi into consideration, as I believe they will be the replacements for Romagnoli, Kessie and Ibrahimovic.

    I guess we’re gonna need something like a 120m transfer chest to pull off this transfer window. Botman+Sancehs will probably cost us 50-60m which pays itself out since we already won the Scudetto and will participate in CL again. Origi is of course free and I think one between Pobega or Adli will replace Bakayoko.

    For the rest we need a good money injection from the new owners plus raising some money through sells. It can be done. Keep in mind that we can always buy one of these players on a temporary basis with options.

  2. Martins

    Capella should congratulate Milan as he is always saying inter are favourites

  3. Francesco

    Yes we saw how well Milan did in CL with the same players… bottom of their group

  4. Jack

    @Francesco mate you don’t seem to understand the process called upgrading.
    Is that why your team never wins anything?

  5. Milan Fan

    @ Francesco

    You are one to talk!

    Possibly three teams out of the four from Milan’s group will be in pot 1 as top seeds next season. Milan and Porto confirmed and Liverpool too if they win the tournament as they are in the final. Atletico Madrid will be in pot 2.

    That group had a different level, it’s not like we had a team from freaking Moldova or Ukraine LMAO

    Let’s not forget Inter finished last in their group for a couple of seasons with garbage teams in their groups. Next season you we’ll see where Milan and Inter finish in their groups. You need to be reminded who is the Italian boss in the champions league.

  6. Vinnie

    If you look at the games…the red card at A field turning the game around, the overtime penalty that was literally a handball given the wrong way against Madrid… There were tight moments that all went against Milan. A year on, more experienced, I’ll take these boys and Pioli over any team in Italy…

  7. Roland

    Milan played great the very first game vs Liverpool the game vs Atletico at the San Siro was screwed h the ref Milan should have won that game the game vs Porto in Porto , Porto only goal should have t stood there was a foul on the build up that wasn’t called another referee mistake with 8/18 points we would have been 2nd

  8. Vosho

    I agree with you Milan Fan. 2-3 upgrades in midfield and attack can take us very far in the Champions League. Nkunku & Darwin Nunez should be the type of strikers we buy. Forza Milan!

  9. Vosho

    I must admit at some point this season I started doubting the great Pioli. I’m so happy he proved me wrong and brought me so much happiness after an 11 year wait for the Serie A title.

  10. Francesco

    @Milan fan

    You were eliminated at home by Liverpool reserves who didn’t even need the points, and lost at home to Porto. Stop making excuses. The team from Moldova won against Real Madrid by the way. Seems you are pretty clueless as usual.

  11. Francesco

    Inter had the likes of Barca, Tottenham, Dortmund and Real in their groups in last 3 seasons, all teams that are better than Milan so don’t post crap. Milan haven’t been relevant in CL since 2007 don’t make me laugh.

  12. soloInter

    It’s not as if Milan completely dominated the league. They won by playing teams with nothing to play for that visibly show they would rather see Milan win the league. If Milan thinks they’ll get the same treatment in the CL they’ll be in for a surprise. EL will be perfect for Milan. While Inter already have a squad that’s more mature to challenge in all competitions. It was Inzaghi first season and his attacking football can’t be matched by any other team in Italy.

  13. Milan Fan

    Don’t make me laugh you two😂 Inzaghi is a loser, and he’s a perfect match for the club Inter, also a loser club, with loser fans like you two, who make all kinds of bold claims, only to get embarras*ed when that crap won’t come true. Match made in heaven all around.

    Don’t make me go back and bring out some of your comments from previous weeks, you would hide faster than lighting 😆

  14. Milan Fan

    Solo you used to say every single week how Milan will 100% lose the title even if on the last second of the last match because of this and because of that. You were very very sure 😂 what happened? Now your story is they didn’t have anything to play for so they let Milan win. Have some shame.

    And little Francesco, I have yet to see one relevant comment from you. I don’t know who killed your dog or hurt you for you to be this way but you need to be taught some respect. Maybe next time make a comment with your second personality Antonio. You’re talking too much crap with this one. Inter finished last in their group twice in a row in CL, a record surely out of Milan or any other club’s reach. As I said, loser club.

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