Hakan Calhanoglu hit back at his former teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic after insulting chants, insists Inter are ‘a much stronger team’ than Milan and reveals he told Simone Inzaghi he ‘contributed’ to the derby defeat.



Calhanoglu was at Milan from 2017 to 2021, when he left as a free agent after failing to agree a new contract and went across the city to their arch-rivals Inter.

“It was very difficult, as it was the same city and different colours, but I worked hard and knew this was my opportunity to join the reigning champions of Italy,” he told Tivibu Spor.

“Then when the team I joined didn’t win the Scudetto and my old club did, people acted like it was my fault. I am very happy at Inter, though, and the support of the fans is very helpful. I played at Milan for four years, but nobody ever chanted my name in the stands, whereas it happens every time I just warm up for Inter.”

He had declared the move was in order to win the Scudetto, so naturally the midfielder was the target of mockery when the Rossoneri took the Serie A title instead.

Specifically, Ibrahimovic was spotted making insulting chants towards Calhanoglu, while supporters waved around a blow-up doll wearing the Turkey international’s jersey.

“He is a 40-year-old man, not 18, so I wouldn’t do that sort of thing at his age. He just likes being the centre of attention. He didn’t contribute to the Scudetto this season, he barely played, but will do everything to be the focus anyway.

“Besides, he is the one who always calls me up, asks me to go out to dinner or for a motorbike ride. He wrote about me in his book too. He had to write something, or it would’ve been blank pages. It’s best not to bother, honestly.”

Calhanoglu still had a positive campaign at Inter, scoring eight goals and setting up 13 for his new teammates in 46 competitive games.

The Nerazzurri won the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italiana, in both cases beating Juventus in extra time for the final.

“Inter are a much stronger squad than Milan,” he insisted. “We lost a derby that changed suddenly at the 75th minute after Ivan Perisic and I were substituted. We were leading 1-0 and then lost 2-1, so the coach contributed to the defeat and I told him as much.

“In the Coppa Italia semi-final, we beat Milan 3-0.”

54 thought on “Calhanoglu: ‘Inter stronger than Milan, Ibrahimovic too old for this’”
  1. I doubted him before, but now he is my favorite player. All truth spoken. It’s weird that a team goes on to win the league after being hammered 3-0

  2. Hahahahaha. Hakan the Snake still in pain and crying. Yes inter is stronger than Milan bla bla bla bla. Being stronger does not guarantee success. Inter might have better individual players, but Milan has better collective spirit , they played like a team more than inter. Hakan should continue crying

  3. Hahahahhahaha you’re not worth as much as one of Zlatan’s toes you fool. Does this guy seriously not have any friends to tell him when to shut up? He’s making a clown of himself by every interview. So sad.

    Loser for life.

  4. Hakan is a clown!! He is so bitter that Inter lost the league to Milan! Ibra played way less and accomplished way more than this rat! I’m so glad he isn’t on Milan anymore – there is a reason no one chanted his name, it’s because he sucks. Enjoy your participation trophy along with your much stronger team you clown. LOL.

  5. hakan and inter are match made in heaven. Two wannabes. What inter is to Milan, is exactly what hakan is to ZLATAN. ZLATAN has 12 league titles and hakan has none. Milan have 18 international trophies, while inter have 9.

  6. Unless Inzaghi messes it up as could happen, Inter are winning back the league. Sun Tzu Max is still guiding the Turin kittens, there is no cavalry and Milan will not be bought out until September.

  7. “…it’s best not to bother”

    Then goes on with 2 paragraphs about it 🤣

    I think Milan players gave this guy too much respect during the derbies considering he was a former team mate. He’s fragile mentally and can easily be provoked. After this the next derbies will be lit. 🔥

  8. Snake eat his own tails.
    Cycles never end.
    If you want the fan to appreciate you, then earn it.
    Respect come from contribution on and off the pitch.

  9. This interview just shows calhanoglu is a clown. What ibra did in one season, calhanoglu can only dream of in a lifetime. In regards to saying inter is better, what else is he going to say? He made a mistake leaving milan? Nobody chanted your name because in four years you played maybe 20 good games

  10. Hakan in 1 season at Inter won more than in 4 seasons at Milan. Good move for his career, and he still has more time to win more at Inter in coming seasons especially with Lukaku back to destroy Milan again like in 19-20 and 20-21. Milan’s fluke season will not be repeated, like Leicester but at least Leicester deserved to win their title

  11. @Francesco, there is a reason Milan won Serie A – they upgraded after Hakan left. I heard the same how inter was going to destroy Milan last year and in reality old 35 year old Giroud destroyed Inter by himself in like 5 minutes. Losers will always be losers – Hakan and Inter are losers with losers mentality. Go cry in the corner next to hakan! LOL Lukaku is nothing but a lazy donkey.

  12. We lost after me and perisic were substituted. Idiot do you think you two are the main engine of inter. Zlatan has more goals than you and still this moron think he didn’t contributed to the title. Clown

  13. You call Zlatan out for trolling you for not achieving what you left just after you scored at the derby and celebrated in front of Milan fans with your hands at the back of your ear taunting the fans???

    What a pained player.

    If i were you, I’ll be ashamed to grant interviews and just pray to win the scudetto next year or atleast beat Milan in the Super Copa Italia…

    Lastly, no matter the age, it’s still Zlatan over you, even Inter itself can’t gamble on that lol…

  14. I can’t believe Inter fans actually have his back. The dude is a clown on and off the field. Milan is 10x better without his horrible touch and decision-making. He was good at delivering corners and that’s it.

  15. Just enjoy the comedy and drama for what it is, boys — entertainment. Some people in these comments really living and dying for this sideshow, talking “coward” and “betrayal” and “snake” and “loser.” These guys play football for a living, something you and I know nothing about… Calm down and get a life.

  16. Inter were involved in 4 trophies: won two while finished with their heads high by beating Liverpool and a final match scudetto showdown. Hakan have every reason to be proud while Milan hope they finish bottom in the group to have another chance but Radu/Covid won’t be the case anymore to give gifts.

  17. An inconsistent player but scored the best penalty I have ever seen in the Coppa Italia final. His comments about leaving Milan to win the Scudetto remind me of Zlatan leaving Inter to win the Champions League with Barca only for Mou to win everything with Inter.

  18. Of course Inter was stronger – even Milan fans believe that at the start of last season…I salute the winter champion of 2020-2021 and 3021-2022 for not winning both times

  19. it’s clear cut reason why his former club: Bayer Leverkusen had some troubles with him long time ago

  20. Betrayalogul remember the best player in inter shirt this season was ivan perisic he was your lethal weapon now that he’s gone let’s see if you all won’t be vulnerable…

  21. Am I the only one interested of seeing how the Turk and the Armenian will get along in the dressing room if Inter signs mikhtaryan?

  22. @Solointer, you know Hakan is a little tiny man who can’t accept defeat – and this season was a defeat for inter. It was a major catastrophe of humongous proportions. They lost the Scudetto to bunch of kids!!! Let that sync in, a team with more than double the amount of wages and salaries lost Serie A to a team that had no business being anywhere near the top spot. They got stomped out! It will be the same next season – inter lost their best player (Perisic) and brought in a lazy donkey (Lukaku)! Will be funny to see! As for champions league, when inter wins at least half the amount of times Milan won it, then maybe we can talk. Until then, you can go cry with hakan.

  23. What times have we come to so a person like hakan 🤡 talks about a player like Ibra, ibras contribution is only 1% on the field, the rest is in the locker. Amd about the 3-0 in the coppa, inter didn’t win the game, the referee did

  24. 22 maggio del 22 le date adesso da ricordare son due! Ma sopratutto l’azzuro Nero che a quella ci creda per la vero! Poveri scemi vi compa tiamo voi non sarete mai squadra di Milano! Adesso muti siete nessuno la coppa Italia in fila deve nel culo! E inter m*rda inter inter m*RDA!!!!

  25. @SMH who told you it was a defeat for Inter. The facts are all open for everyone to see. 4 trophies 2 won with incredible goals scored and great defence. It includes winning against peak Liverpool with ten men away from home and pushing until the final day of the season. That’s the reason Inzaghi contract got renewed as he overachieved something even Conte couldn’t do with better key players. If Inter won the scudetto it would’ve been a domestic treble so just that makes it one of the most successful season in the last decade. Again Hakan knows he’s in the right ambitious side to achieve his goals. Get ready to see the donkey player Lukaku dominate serie a again playing under a more attacking coach. I don’t think the highest paid cheerleader Ibra will help this time. Milan will need more than emotional support to win anything. I also predict a lot of cries for refs not being helpful

  26. @ Solointer

    Stop talking son. You lost. You are not the number 1 team in Italy. We are are. Go cry elsewhere

  27. “Then when the team I joined didn’t win the Scudetto and my old club did, people acted like it was my fault”….
    ” “We lost a derby that changed suddenly at the 75th minute after Ivan Perisic and I were substituted”

    Yet too dumb to connect the dots.

  28. Thank god milan got rid of this wsste if space in the first place. Officially Milan have won more without him! Which Says it all. It would seem that all this numpty brings to clubs is failure so i over the moon that he is at Inter and he can Stay there, I’m happier with a 50 year old Ibra than this ooverated lemon!

  29. @Solointer I would be more worried about your defense being dismantled more than anything Milan is doing or not doing. Lukaku is fat as a whale and Inter does not have Pintus anymore. His Chelsea season was awful and don’t even dream he magically will become the guy who won with Inter the Scudetto. Better try to secure Dybala so the physio can have work all year lol

    As for Hakan, the worst part is throwing under the bus your coach.

  30. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as deluded as @Solointer 😆

    I think he whispers to himself 100 times every night in bed “my team is the best team” before he falls asleep.

  31. @Solointer

    We get it!. You are a die hard inter fan and you would do everything for inter. But don’t let the emotions get the best out of you. Inter on paper was the strongest team in the League (i say on paper because you know how the Scudetto went.) nobody argues with that. Yes they could have won the Scudetto but blew their chance.
    But you keep on talking.. Don’t you see how ridiculous it is the more you all rant. Guess what?.. Milan was not supposed to win the league, Milan know they are way ahead of schedule. Milan fans know Inter had a stronger team, But you guys keep ranting about everything not deserved for Milan, and makes the win even sweeter for Milan.

    You better hope Lukaku hits the ground running, because if he doesn’t he will have the English and Italian Press on his back.

    And stop this nonsense of.. Oh, we beat Peak Liverpool and Milan finished last in their group( You have said that a few times in other articles ). When you won the league with Conte, you finished last in your UCL group and you were not even in a group of death like Milan was and your players are much older and experienced!

  32. Why do my posts get removed!!! What happened to freedom of speech?????

    People here say a lot worse than me Football Italia staff get bunch of pansies

  33. SMh

    Yes I remember the Giroud uncalled foul on Sanchez. That ref call was the turning point of a derby that Milan were dominated in.

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