Calhanoglu gets same treatment as Donnarumma, but hits back at Milan fans

by | Nov 7, 2021 20:57

Hakan Calhanoglu was booed by Milan fans, getting the same treatment as Gigio Donnarumma last month, but the Inter star had the chance to hit back at his former supporters.

Calhanoglu started in the middle of the park for Inter against Milan in tonight’s derby della Madonnina.

You can follow the match live on Football Italia’s liveblog here.

It is his first game against the Rossoneri since he joined Inter on a free transfer in the summer.

On paper, Milan are at home tonight, so most fans at San Siro support the Rossoneri.

Since the very beginning of the game, they targeted their former idol, giving him the same treatment as Gigio Donnarumma.

In October, Donnarumma returned to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza for a Nations League semi-final between Italy and Spain.

Despite playing with the Azzurri, Milan fans booed their former goalkeeper, who, just like Calhanoglu, had left the Rossoneri at the end of his contract in the summer.

While Donnarumma seemed affected by boos from Milan fans, Calhanoglu didn’t lose his cool and converted a spot-kick in the first half, celebrating controversially.

The Turkish star stared at Milan’s Curva Sud, putting his hands back to the ears. One more iconic moment in the history of the Milan derby.

epa09570502 Inter Milan?s Hakan Calhanoglu (L) jubilates after scoring the 0-1 goal during the Italian Serie A soccer match between AC Milan and FC Inter at Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, Italy, 07 November 2021. EPA-EFE/MATTEO BAZZI


  1. Milan Fan

    Our former idol? LMAO on what parallel universe?!

    He was as bad as ever. Nobody misses him here. It would be really funny if Milan win the Scudetto this season right after he jumped ship.

    On the other hand, I don’t think he would care, since he’s collecting that one more million euro. Then again, isn’t that based on bonuses though?


    he getting same wage as milan offered him on new contract. so yeah you are wrong he not getting more euro than he already deserved. he just want to change club thats all.
    and he basically inter best player on derby

    Milan fans should blame management instead booing their former players. donaldruma, hakan, now kessie too. the incompetent of milan director to renew their player cost them millions of euro. they should sell kessie if dont want to repeat same mistake.
    if only happened to one player its not director fault but this happened on 3 players on the span 2 years. how bad maldini and gazidis are.

  3. Milan Fan


    Your comment is as misinformed and terrible as the man himself. Wait, is that really you Paratici? I mean it would make a lot of sense since you’re so clueless!

  4. Michael

    lol @ Fabio, no one’s missing him here, it was not bad to let him leave on a free since no one was making offers to buy him from us. We’ve improved since he left, so good riddance. If he can do well at Inter, then good for him, I don’t care. He did well enough last night, but one game means little, it’s how he does over the course of the season that matters.

    I would be happy enough to sell Kessie in January, assuming anyone still wants to buy him after his poor performances this season. If he wants to sign a Barella-like contract I wouldn’t mind, but if he thinks he’s worth more he can walk, whether we get money for him or not. Maybe he can join Donnarumma, counting his millions from the PSG bench.

    As for the directors, I wouldn’t say it “shows how bad they are”, rather they chose to take the risk of allowing the players/agents to drag out negotiations in the hope of reaching a last minute deal, though the players had no intention of doing so (at least in Donnarumma’s case, which is the only “big” player we lost). They will hopefully learn from that and not allow it to happen again, especially as we’re in the middle of a similar situation with Kessie, which I hope will be the last of these situations. But remember all the power is with the player. The player can see out his contract, refusing to sign an extension or to be sold, forcing the club to end up with nothing.

  5. Trojan

    Milan Fan.
    I don’t know if you are Milan fan
    But We talking about character and respect what he can do with million extra
    Tell him to by underwear for his wife and his sister
    Watch him he will end on bench
    We talking about character
    I hope you are not like him

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