Cairo: ‘Belotti doesn’t want to sign for Torino’

by | Oct 7, 2021 19:29

Torino President Urbano Cairo admits Andrea Belotti ‘probably doesn’t want to sign’ a new contract. ‘I can’t force him to do anything.’

The striker is easily their star player and talisman, having been with the club since 2015 and scoring 106 goals in 231 competitive games.

However, his contract is due to expire at the end of this season and negotiations for an extension have ground to a halt.

“He hasn’t signed and he probably doesn’t want to sign,” Belotti told reporters at the Festival dello Sport in Trento.

“I made an offer that went beyond my capabilities, but I can’t force him to do anything. I don’t think he wants to sign.”

The 27-year-old hitman has 12 goals in 39 senior caps for Italy and for some years has been expected to move on to bigger clubs.

It remains to be seen if Belotti will move in January or wait until he can leave next summer as a free agent.

Milan are certainly among the contenders, because Il Gallo is a self-confessed Rossoneri supporter, but Inter, Roma, Napoli and even a transfer abroad have all been mentioned.

Belotti began his career at Albinoleffe before exploding onto the Serie A scene with Palermo.

Andrea Belotti


  1. Peter Pietraroia

    What a shocker, too bad for you if you had a brain instead of a six pack of cannolis between your ears you would have sold them 5 years ago for some decent money instead of spewing off that he’s 100 million player which you was never even close to half of that how about investing in your team for once you must be someone who just inherited everything

  2. Zoro Caloro

    Milan for sure. Ibra and Giroud are older, Pellegri is for the future. Belotti is for the now.

  3. MARCO

    Come to Juve! Can imagine the Toro fans jeering him LOL

  4. Basta Poco

    Hmmm, he likes i Rossoneri, but methinks they don’t bite for him. Meanwhile, he’d look good in Fiorentina’s purple kit. Given how long his injury recovery is taking, he seems to be saving his legs to help another team make a run in the 2nd half of the season.

  5. dan

    He’s as good as Vlahovic thats for sure.

  6. MARCO

    @Basta Poco – I’m sure he would prefer going to a CL level club. Doesn’t make sense to go from 1 mid table club to another

  7. Basta Poco

    I’m sure he’d like that too, but given his less than stellar performance in the Euros, I’m not so sure he’d be highly sought after. I like Belotti and feel he needs to be a lynchpin in an offense rather than just another forward.

  8. Francis

    Serves Torino right they had a chance of getting at least €50m off him but they rejected it now they risk losing him for free

  9. Gio

    Don’t think the club being mentioned in the article consider belotti good enough anymore.
    Fiorentina on the other hand is a club whom want back to European cups and is at the right level for belotti.
    All players ain’t BIG club material. And belotti is that kind of player which can be good at a smaller club but not good enough at the biggest scene.

  10. toro

    The team seems to play better without him. Good luck to him somewhere else.

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