Buffon refuses to rule out retirement

Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon reveals that the Serie A title won in 2012 was his best moment at Juventus and refuses to rule out retiring.

Buffon will leave Juventus at the end of his contract after spending 19 seasons in Turin.

“The Coppa Italia victory was a nice way to say goodbye,” Buffon told Juventus TV.

“It was a serene farewell. I had done the same three years ago, but you never get used to it. It was natural.

“I’ve become a juventino, and I am happier than I used to be, I chose to be a juventino,” the goalkeeper continued.

“The best moment was in Trieste, when we won the title in 2012 under Antonio Conte. I could have left in 2006, I thought about leaving at some point, but I decided to stay, I suffered between 2006 and 2012, but life gave me everything back.”

Juventus were heavily criticised for not winning their tenth Serie A title in a row this season, and Buffon warned the Old Lady’s fans.

“It was disturbing to see the enthusiasm of the team vanish after the first difficulties. Real fans should not rebuke the team it faces the first difficulties. If I support Juventus, my players are the best ones for the entire season, not just until February.

“I was also annoyed by the fact that somebody thought I played against Barcelona because I am a friend of Andrea Pirlo. I don’t want presents, feeling that somebody had doubts about me pushed me to leave Juventus.

“Now I need new energies. I don’t want to have to regret anything. I am really happy today. I could even retire. I think I’ve done enough in my career.”