Buffon on Real Madrid red card: Proudest moment, someone punched referee

by | Jun 6, 2022 13:36

Former Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon described the Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid in 2018 in which he was red carded as his proudest moment.

He also revealed someone else punched referee Michael Oliver, yet he was the one to receive the red card.

The Bianconeri produced a heroic performance after losing 3-0 at home in the first leg to take the lead by the same scoreline at the Bernabeu in the return only for everything to change when Madrid were awarded a stoppage-time penalty.

Buffon was red carded for his furious reaction while Cristiano Ronaldo dispatched the spot kick to send the eventual winners into the semi-final.

Speaking to La Stampa, Buffon said of the incident: “Madrid in 2018 is the match I am most proud of, even if I still don’t understand why the referee, Oliver, sent me off.

“I didn’t offend him and I think one of my team-mates gave him a punch or two in the ribs but it wasn’t me and I received the red!”

That was the final Champions League match of Buffon’s first spell with Juve. He reached the final on three occasions but never won it. 

He moved to Paris Saint-Germain that summer but suffered another shock last-16 exit before returning to Juve as back-up and was eliminated at the same stage in each of his last two seasons before joining Parma. 


  1. dollarumma

    That’s what you get buddy. Never forget the “Ghost Goal” of Muntari, how quickly and shamelessly you got up and ran to launch the counter. You reap what you sow. That’s great that this is the proudest moment of your miserable career. This man is desperation personified. Keep fighting for serie b survival with Parma. May the Lord be with Parma supporters until this man is there.

  2. Zambrotta

    @dollarumma If you think Buffon’s career was miserable, I truly wonder what your life’s achievements are!

  3. Lynchy

    @the buddy above. Look at what he’s achieved in his career you muppet.

  4. Derek

    Who is this clown, saying Buffon has had a miserable career, on of the greatest keepers of all time , the best in my opinion, Dollarumma, did somebody drop you on your head as a child,or are you an expert on being stupid.

  5. Derek

    Dollarumma, are you for real, the greatest goalie ever in my humble opinion, and you make a comment like that, did someone drop you on your head as a child or do you practice real hard at being stupid.

  6. Ibrahim ba

    The worst thing about that Muntari’s ghost goal (and curse) is the fact that Buffon still doesn’t admit that the ball had crossed the line, all 2 feet of it. While the referee admitted that it’s the worst decision he’s ever made. And this ghost will keep hunting him as long as his stance doesn’t change.

  7. Milan Fan

    Buffon did admit years later to it, but said no one would’ve said anything in that situation, like I didn’t. I don’t know if that’s better or worse. I respect Buffon but that is not fair play.

  8. putuco

    Buffon as a honourable man died that day. He was a monumental liar saying that he was not aware the ball was in when it was no less than a meter inside the goal. As a footballer, a legend. As a man, at the same level of D Sciglio’s football


    Funny how all the Milan fans still complain about the Muntari goal but forget that Matri’s goal in the same match was ruled offside even though it was clear

  10. Ibrahim ba

    Anyone who saw the match would know that Milan was at the ‘momentum’ when the ghost goal happened. Being 2-0 down weights different. And as Boban said, everyone on the stadium (incl the reff, and of course, Buffon) could see that it’s a goal from Muntari. But only replay in the TV could show that Matri’s close call was onside.

  11. Legend Buffon

    Buffon = legend.

    Don’t be haters.

  12. Legendary gigi

    Buffon = Legend.

    Don’t be haters y’all

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