Buffon: ‘Juve thought it was safe’

Gigi Buffon admits Juventus” data-scaytid=”3″>Juventus “thought we could take the 1-0 home” against Fiorentina” data-scaytid=”4″>Fiorentina and were punished.

Gigi Buffon admits Juventus “thought we could take the 1-0 home” against Fiorentina and were punished.

Arturo Vidal had given them the lead after just three minutes, but Mario Gomez netted for a 1-1 Europa League draw.

“Maybe we thought, considering in recent games we had controlled the second half well, that we could do so again,” the captain told Sky Sport Italia.

“It is also true that it can’t always go well, as we were facing a side with strong individuals who can hurt you at any moment and find that moment to change the game.

“The goal is one of those moves that can happen, especially as Gomez is a great champion. Naturally there are regrets, as we thought that we could take the 1-0 home the same way we had done on Sunday in Serie A.”

Buffon was asked why he had told Vidal to ‘calm down, there’s a second game too’ at one stage.

“I had told Arturo to calm down because he was on a booking and I didn’t want him to miss the second leg.”

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