Buffon hails ‘heroes’ of Iran World Cup squad

Italy legend Gianluigi Buffon sent a heartfelt message to the Iran players after their World Cup win over Wales and protest against the regime. ‘You will be remembered for your courage.’

The squad had refused to sing the national anthem ahead of the opening match against England, earning applause from the crowd and genuinely risking violent repercussions back home.

“You will be remembered for your courage,” wrote 2006 World Cup winner Buffon on social media.

“This win is a sign of hope and strength for those in your country who are fighting for freedom. For many people you are heroes, for me an example.”

Although they did sing today before the 2-0 victory over Wales, there was a stark reminder of exactly what they are standing up against.

Former Iran international Voria Ghafouri was arrested on Thursday at training with his team and accused of ‘tarnishing the reputation of the national team and spreading propaganda against the state.’

That was seen as a warning for the players currently at the World Cup in Qatar, who had spoken in favour of their people who for months now have been protesting against the regime following the death in custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

She had been arrested for the ‘crime’ of not covering her hair adequately in public.

Security forces were also spotted confiscating an Iranian shirt with Amini’s name on it from a woman in the stands.

3 Comments on “Buffon hails ‘heroes’ of Iran World Cup squad”

  1. Iran was full value in the Wales match. Played attacking football without fear.

    The regime could learn from the players. These are not customs or traditions; they are forms of systemic repression.

  2. I’m an Iranian and it seems that Gigi has been misunderstood. what is going on between Iran national football team and Iranian people is not as some media has portrayed. In current days which many people from little children to young girls are suppressed and killed by Iran regime mercenaries in the streets, people expected their national football heroes be their voice and be on their side by not singing Islamic Republic anthem and not celebrating the goals. In fact it was the only way the could compensate their recent flattering visit of Iranian President. Instead they not only sang the anthem but also celebrated their goals wildly as their compatriots in home are grieving for losing the loved ones. So their victory was not welcomed and celebrated by most of Iranian people and those who were seen in some pictures are from a small group of regime supporters whose interests depends on the existence of the current corrupt regime. This Iran national team are not a symbol of fighting for freedom of Iranian people nor an inspiration to fight.

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