Buffon: ‘Why Donnarumma and Cristiano Ronaldo made correct transfer decisions’

by | Nov 23, 2021 09:41

Gigi Buffon explains why Gigio Donnarumma and Cristiano Ronaldo made the right transfer decisions over the summer, joining PSG and Manchester United, respectively.

Donnarumma left Milan at the end of his contract moving to Paris on a free transfer.

The 22-year-old signed a contract until June 2026, but has been struggling with playing time and has recently claimed that the competition with Keylor Navas ‘disturbs’ him.

“I think Gigio’s decision is more than justified,” Buffon told Tiki Taka, as quoted by Calciomercato.com.

“He’s faced some difficult moments, but I think he will become a regular starter in the near future.”

Buffon also spent one year in Paris. Back in 2018, he left Juventus at the end of his contract, joining the Ligue 1 giants.

However, he remained at PSG only for one season, making his comeback to Turin in 2019.

“I had told my agent that I wanted to retire. I thought I’d play the World Cup and that’s where I wanted to end my career,” he explained.

“I could have changed my mind only if Real Madrid, Barcelona or PSG had called. After 20 days, I received the call from Paris and I thought it was a shame to waste the opportunity.

“That season, we won 2-0 in Manchester against United, but Juventus lost 2-0 against Atletico [in the first leg of the Champions League last 16].

“I was happy for myself, but I didn’t feel at ease for Juventus’ loss, and this had an impact on my choices. Then life punishes you because in the end Juve and United qualified.

“I didn’t like the idea to be a second-choice goalkeeper, but I accepted it because winning the Champions League with that group of players and directors would have been great.”

Buffon spent two seasons with Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin. The Portuguese forward left the Allianz Stadium in the summer, returning to Manchester United. Ronaldo scored 101 goals in 134 appearances with the Bianconeri.

“If Ronaldo wasn’t convinced about staying, leaving was the right thing to do,” Buffon admitted.

The legendary goalkeeper joined Parma in Serie B over the summer and dreams of playing the World Cup next year: ‘That’s the excuse to continue, it’s the motivation that everyone agrees with.”


  1. Usman Yusuf

    What people fail to understand class is always permanent, and been able to sense a good thing is a gift many people don’t have, if it was AC Milan that spent the huge amounts PSG has sent over the last 7 years , they would have won the UCL at least 4 times, AC Milan is a bigger club than PSG, with more class and history, Buffon just doesn’t know what he is saying, one year ago u were playing in AC Milan and the Azzuri , and you were the undisputed number one, now you are a reserve keeper in PSG that has never won 2 European trophies, what makes sense in this transfer, Buffon is an idiot….

  2. abc

    You’re living in a fairy tale…you must be a Milan fan.

    Milan will never win a European trophy in the next decade.
    Italy will be lucky if Juventus or Inter even make the jump to win one.

    With the spanish teams temporarily out of commission, that leaves English teams (who are overrated) and PSG.

    your posturing of “if xxx team spent as much as PSG….” is the act of a fool. if any team spent that much they’d have a solid chance.

    i think Donnsrumma made a mistake going to PSG because he wanted to start right away. He could have gone anywhere else and been a starter.

    Anyways…there’s so much wrong with what you’ve said im just ranting now…so I’ll stop

  3. Brandon

    Of course Gigi’s not going to say that Gigio messed up. He would never throw his guy under the bus.

    But deep down he knows it was a foolish decision — the kids riding pine playing less than half the matches.

    For a few pennies less Gigio could have kept his reputation in tact, continued on with the team that helped mold him, and been fit for our crucial Playoff. And for God sakes, he could be improving with the ball at his feet.

    I’m not a Milanista but they aren’t wrong in their ire towards him. But as an Italy fan, big picture, this hurts us.

    He could be building an on-field rapport with Tonali and Calabria that would only translate to the Azzurri.

    The other thing gleaned from his words, clearly Gigi wants to go to the World Cup, if we do qualify. Even as 3rd choice. He wants to break the record for most WC’s participated in (current held by him and like 2 other players, iirc).

    Don’t sure if Mancio is the sentimental type. We will take 3 GK’s. After Gigio, maybe it’s got to be Consigli, Sirigu, Meret. Ideally want to bring one who’s at the right age and one veteran (like Peruzzi was in 2006). To me, Sirigu is that one. So I’m not sure you can bring 2 of these types.

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