Buffon: ‘Di Maria like Maradona for Serie A’

by | Jun 20, 2022 09:01

Former Juventus star Gigi Buffon hopes the Bianconeri sign his ex-teammate Angel Di Maria: ‘He’d be like Diego Maradona for Serie A.’

The legendary goalkeeper spent one year at PSG with Di Maria and he is convinced that the Argentina international will make the difference in Italy.

“Right now, Di Maria in Serie A, is like Maradona. Am I clear?” Buffon told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Di Maria is available as a free agent after the end of his contract with PSG. Juventus have made their move, offering a one-year deal with an option for a further campaign. However, the Argentinean star seems determined to remain in Europe just for one season, play at the World Cup, and return to Argentina at the end of the 2022-23 campaign.

Therefore, talks with the Bianconeri have been put on hold, but Juventus are confident that El Fideo will make a final decision this week.

“Footballers must be valued considering the context where they play. Today Serie A is technically poorer and Angel has so much technique,” said Buffon.

“He is decisive in front of goal, he dribbles past his opponents so easily. He is good at delivering assists and runs up and down on the pitch. He can play in different roles. In a few words: he is a football player.”

Di Maria turned 34 in February, but Buffon doesn’t seem his age as a problem for either he or Juventus.

“I am 44, but I still play. Age doesn’t matter. Motivation and passion are much more important and the same goes for determination. If Di Maria joins Juventus, it means that he’s ready to do so,” he said.

“We are talking of an exemplary professional, a nice guy, one who never gives up and fights during games and training sessions. I repeat, for today’s Serie A, he’d be like Maradona.

“At PSG, I played with Neymar, a young Kylian Mbappé, Marco Verratti…but Di Maria was not inferior to any of them,” Buffon continued.

“When he won the Decina at Madrid in 2014, he was playing with Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luk Modric and Toni Kroos. He was always a step back but knew how to play as a winger, attacking midfielder and even Mezzala. Whoever signs him, and I hope it’s Juve, makes a deal. We are talking about a champion and football needs champions.”


  1. dENNIS

    my word


    The only difference being Maradona was joining the best league in the world at 24, not a semi-retirement league at 34, of course.

  3. Marazico

    Apart from both being Argentinian, I’m not sure in what context you can compare Di Maria with Maradona.

  4. Nicky

    Well, that must be the joke of the decade lol

  5. Brandon

    Same type of comment as Del Piero yesterday.

    I see a guy complimenting his former teammate but I also see a guy who has a foolish mentality that a player deemed not good for PSG/ Ligue 1 is a good signing for Serie A.

  6. martinn

    they re comparable? ok but take 20 percent off his form for 60 minutes of half-attack allegriballz

  7. talool

    what a loser! shut up bufon!!
    look at the german league, they dont need big names to produce good and football. serie a soestn need names – they need players!!! do a good scout and find the next maradona.

    al this juventus way of thought is so ancient! look at milan and learn!

  8. Gio

    Brandon – he dominated in ligue 1 what are you talking about


    Grande Gigi!!

  10. Calm down

    Omg no. But it’s fine if Juve actually signs retired players as Maradonas

  11. FERBAN


    Yes – years ago. More of a reserve now. Serie A taking in leftovers, that’s the point.

  12. putuco

    lol @ Buffon. Senile dementia is catching on under 50s people lol

  13. Ravanelli

    Yeah Gigi got carried away here..

    But this part “for today’s Serie A, he’d be like Maradona.”, kind of says that for how bad the league currently is, even a player like Di Maria is a big deal.

  14. Brandon


    PSG dominated that league, not him.

    My point is: if the Qatari’s at PSG deem him a surplus of goods, why are Juve getting him?

    Typical Serie A of late. Getting players near retirement age.

  15. 19

    So Paris are letting Maradona for free lol.

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