BT Sport gets the Serie A TV rights for the UK and Ireland until 2024

by | Aug 9, 2021 13:54

BT Sport gets the TV rights to broadcast Serie A in the UK and Ireland until 2024. ‘European football has always been part of our line-up, with Serie A now joining our exclusive coverage’.

The broadcaster announced the Italian top flight will ‘exclusively’ be shown on their channels in the UK and Ireland for the next three years.

BT Sport have thus expanded their coverage of football by agreeing a deal for the TV rights of Serie A.

“BT Sport will exclusively broadcast Serie A until 2024 in the UK and Ireland,” the statement on Twitter said. “In Italy, football is more than passion. It’s a way of life. It’s religion.”

On their official website, Sports Rights Director Rachel Knights, confirmed Serie A is now a part of the BT Sport setup.

“European football has always been an important part of our line-up, with Serie A now joining our exclusive coverage of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League, alongside France’s Ligue 1.”


  1. Rosario

    From a financial point of view, this is awful news. Absolutely terrible. I was literally paying £60 for the entire season for the previous online broadcaster. I’d already planned to buy the online bt pass to watch the champions league, even though its £25 a month! So now I’ll effectively be paying £250 for the year to watch Serie A for the entire season. Daylight robbery.

  2. Sody

    or for the rest of us who were already paying for BT sport before Premiere Sports stole Serie A from us, its great news as we DONT have to fork out an extra £60 to watch Serie A now. Whoop!!!

  3. Jon

    Got to agree, premier sports was cheap as foccacia

  4. Rosario

    @sody. The issue is that they want to get you to sign up for broadband in order to get the package. That package is still minimum 37 a month, which is more expensive than the 25 pounds for the online pass. I have the best broadband in the country with 1000mbps. I’d be silly to give that up to only then end up spending more than the 25 a month. The previous broadcaster was great as it was affordable and also decent commentary. I was going to pay for the bt pass anyway, to watch Milan in the champions league. But even the most positive of Milan fans didn’t think Milan would make the final, and hence the 250 for the 10 months.

  5. RAm

    If you have ee, bt sport is a bit cheaper. Plus you get messi at psg, the champions league and some premier league games. Much better value.

  6. Gi-Al-LOrOssi

    Last season I just downloaded the Live Score gambling app and put £5 into an account. I never placed a single bet but was able to watch pretty much every single Serie A match live.

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