Bruno hits out at Mourinho and Bonucci over refereeing incidents

by | Jan 20, 2022 12:11

Former Torino defender Pasquale Bruno blames José Mourinho and Leonardo Bonucci for their attitude toward referees: ‘At least Pioli used common sense…’

Bruno is a former Lecce and Torino defender who played over 200 games in Serie A between the 80s and the 90s.

He is known for his harsh judgements on Serie A players and coaches and has released an interview with Il Corriere della Sera where he didn’t hold back while talking about Mourinho and Bonucci.

Roma sit seventh and he [Mourinho] blames the referees,” said Bruno.

“How can he do that? If Milan fail to win the Scudetto, it won’t be [referee Marco] Serra’s fault. He made a mistake, but there’s a limit to everything. At least Stefano Pioli used common sense.”

Bruno ended his career at Heart of Midlothian FC and Wigan and admits the mentality in Scotland and England is different.

“I love them. Over there, are not so many people talking, no controversies, just some tough tackles. That’s football and divers are not forgiven.

“Don’t you see what they do in Italy? They scream and put their hands in their face even if the contact was with their chest.

“Bonucci is the perfect example. He does anything he wants in Serie A and gets sent off after two minutes with the national team.”

The Juventus and Italy defender saw red after collecting two yellow cards in the first half of Italy’s Nations League semi-final against Spain in October.




  1. Nico

    Forza Bruno! Grazie.

    Tell it like it is…good and forthright. Need to hear from you more.

  2. Samy Ibrahim

    Bruno who?

  3. Dave

    Sorry never heard of this person…
    Your little remarks are as of significant is your career.
    Nothing and no one

  4. forzaroma


  5. Brandon

    I love the Italy team and Juve and so by extension Bonucci. But these words have to be said and known by the players.

    International football is officiated differently because you are getting Refs from different leagues. But many times our players play as if they will get the calls that are made in Serie A. It’s a real issue that has been going on for at least 20 years.

    Nobody should have an issue with what Pasquale Bruno said. It will be to our players benefit. A little before my time but I’ve been told by others in the know that he was a hardman back in his day.

    Again, I’m a Juve fan so this only helps us.

    His comments about Mourinho? Again, 100% nailed it. I may not agree with a lot of what Milan is doing but if anybody should be aggrieved with officiating this year, it’s them. Yet Stefano Pioli is taking the high road. Conversely for Mourinho, each Loss or Draw, except when they ate 6 goals from Bodo/Glimt is always the fault of the Referee.

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