Brozovic testifies in court over Wanda Icardi affair story

by | May 25, 2022 15:55

Inter midfielder Marcelo Brozovic told a court today during a defamation trial that allegations he had a relationship with former teammate Mauro Icardi’s wife Wanda ‘caused problems with my wife and family.’

The trial in Milan sees Brozovic and Wanda Icardi suing gossip-site owner and ‘King of the Paparazzi’ Fabrizio Corona for defamation.

In February 2019, his site published not only stories, but also a clearly-edited and falsified audio that was meant to show Brozovic was having an affair with then-Inter teammate Icardi’s wife.

It was considered one of the reasons why Inter then sold Icardi to Paris Saint-Germain.

The Croatia international testified today that nobody from the site contacted him to let him know the story was going to be published, so it was a complete shock when it went viral.

“I never had problems with Icardi,” assured Brozovic, who was accused of even getting into a physical altercation with his teammate.

“When this news went out all over the world, it caused problems with my wife and my family.”

After the testimony, Corona wanted to tell the court that his site was not the first to come up with the story of an affair between Brozovic and Wanda, but that it was “well known in football circles and even among the fans.”

He did, however, offer an apology to the Inter midfielder and shook his hand.

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    Disgusting journalism!

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