Brozovic, Abraham, Vlahovic and more: which Serie A stars didn’t make the TOTS and why

by | May 23, 2022 18:58

Marcelo Brozovic, Tammy Abraham and Dusan Vlahovic are among the Serie A stars that didn’t make the team of the season and here’s why Football Italia omitted them from the ideal XI for 2021-22.

Football Italia has published the Team Of The Season, in which Milan players dominate. Mike Maignan, Fikayo Tomori, Theo Hernandez, Sandro Tonali and Rafael Leao have made the team picked by our staff writers, Susy Campanale, Apollo Heyes, Andrew Cesare Richardson and Lorenzo Bettoni.

It has sparked a huge debate on social media, especially from Inter fans who saw Marcelo Brozovic excluded from the team. The Croat was the best midfielder in Serie A, according to Lega Calcio, and we are aware that he was among the most influential Inter players this season.

How did the decision process work? Every writer picked three players for each position, with the first one getting three points, the second one two and one point for the third pick. Brozo got eight points, one less than Tonali and Leao, who was the second-best striker after Ciro Immobile, level on points with Dusan Vlahovic.

Serie A 2021-22 review, awards and team of the season

The Serbia international wasn’t included in the team despite getting the same points as Leao who has been named Player Of The Season by Lega Serie A and Football Italia. Internally, we’ve also discussed the omission of Roma striker Tammy Abraham, the most prolific debutant in the history of the Giallorossi. The Englishman got eight votes, compared to Immobile’s 10 and Leao and Vlahovic’s 9, so, unfortunately, we had to leave him out of the squad, although he surely deserves mention for what he’s done this season.

Hopefully, he can finish the job in the Conference League with the Giallorossi meeting Feyenoord in Tirana on Wednesday. Victor Osimhen, Lautaro Martinez, Gianluca Scamacca and Giovanni Simeone all received votes, but a team can’t be made up only of strikers.

Other notable absentees who we feel could include are Inter’s Milan Skriniar and Alessandro Bastoni and Milan’s Pierre Kalulu, who was impressive in the second part of the campaign. Yet again, Fikayo Tomori got more votes than them, but the best defender was Torino‘s Gleison Bremer, who was the first pick for each one of the four Football Italia writers as well as the Serie A Defender of the Season, according to Lega Calcio.

There were also many options in midfield with several players left out of the squad: Lorenzo Pellegrini got as many votes as Sandro Tonali, but we eventually picked the Milan midfielder because Milan were crowned Serie A champions. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Pellegrini or Brozovic or Nicolò Barella had a bad season. They were impressive, but there was only space for two midfielders. As for Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, he was the best-performing midfielder in Serie A, having contributed to 22 goals for Maurizio Sarri’s side. He was the best midfielder for all our writers. We are aware not everyone would be happy with our choices, but after all, that’s what makes this job and this sport so exciting and enjoyable. So we keep the debate open: What do your TOTS look like? Who should have been included and who should have been omitted from our squad?

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    The winner got 5 players, 2nd and 3rd got 1 slot but sixth got 2 players. It tells a lot who FI writers supports, ask Susy! It’s NOT exciting and enjoyable when people see apparent Bias. Maybe you guys needed to look at stats and not your feelings, he?

    Delete this comment too, I’m fine with it. Let Milan and Juve fans insult both Inter and Napoli but don’t publish my comments when absolutely weren’t offensive, that’s the New World of Journalism!

  2. McDaddy allgegri

    No Pellegrini, no Cuadrado, no Koulibaly but 5 Milan players?

  3. Dazziano Colucci

    And why not 5 milan players? Have any of you been watching this season? These boys deserve it on merit. Let them have there plaudits, They just won the Scudetto with players who have never won before. This is a good thing for Italian football.

  4. InterFan75

    OK, I respect FI choices, but 5 Milan players are too much.

  5. Naples 15

    Vlahovic should have made it over Leao and Pellegrini or Brozovic should have made it over Tonali. The rest of the list is fine.

    As a Napoli fan, I’d argue for Koulibaly over Tomori, but he did miss 11 games to injuries and AFCON so I understand that.

  6. Jimbo

    Tonali was rubbish 90% of the season, come on be real FI :’-)

  7. interista

    Giroud should be up there. Dude’s luck was off the chart this season.

  8. Muto

    I would pick Adrien Tameze or Brozovic over Tonali, and Caprari over Leao.

  9. Inter

    Haha teams a joke, barella is better than broz and should be in the team. Both had better season than tonali, broz injury and barella exhaustion in feb and march only reason why inter didn’t finish 10 points clear. With Dybala and Bremer joining (as long as nobody leaves) inter will cruise to the title next year

  10. Siamo noiiiiiiiii

    @Inter hahaha Barella is a genuine hack. Absolute downhill skiier.

  11. John

    I think it’s just the Way it us because you don’t want other players being motivated. Can’t dominate one team that’s biasness

  12. Cielnova

    I think FI should also make the ‘subs’ in addition for the TOTS. So if Vlahovic, Brozovic or Abraham couldn’t make it into the TOTS, they can get into the ‘subs’ list.

  13. Eazi Frank

    Kalulu deserves to be in that 11 !

    Put some respect on that name !

  14. Eazi Frank

    Milan is the best team in italy for a reason besides all that referee errors !

    Let the haters talk and let us celebrate this win and win the league again next year !

    Thanks Hakan for leaving,we despise snakes !

  15. @jimmy_Stallion

    So, they lose their final game, and Inter wins the title, they get 5 players. Don’t get me wrong, these Milan players had career years to come out of no where to win, but when you pick team of the year, it should show more variety.

  16. Mobo LEe

    Keep spitting sand, Milan deserves all the praise… They’ll still win the league next season and the pain will be more.

  17. Bee

    Martinez/Vlahovic > Leao; Lorenzo/Barella > Tonali. Huge fan of Tonali but he seemed like a substitute more than a starting XI…

    Caprari could muscle out Bremer. Theo Hernandez MVP IMHO what a work horse…

    Forza Roma Conference here we goooooo

  18. GIO

    How can you guys discuss how many players a team go in the XI. And not the players it self?
    So if the worst team in the league got the the best goalie, best defender ,best midfielder and best striker in the league but the other players are so bad that they got regulated to B then it’s to much for that team to got 4 players in the team of the season?

    Kind of childish approach to take and to not discuss whom should have a place in the XI before someone else regardless of what team he plays for.

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