Brother blames Napoli after Insigne’s Toronto FC move

by | Jan 14, 2022 12:19

Roberto Insigne claims it was not his brother’s decision to leave Napoli: ‘It’s not his fault…’

Insigne signed a four-year deal with MLS side Toronto FC and will move to Canada as a free agent at the end of the season.

His contract with Napoli runs out in the summer, but the two parties could not reach an agreement over the player’s stay at the club.

According to multiple reports in Italy, Napoli had offered Insigne a lower salary, convincing the 30-year-old to leave the Stadio Maradona and his childhood club.

“Toronto is so far away,” his brother Roberto, who plays for Benevento in Serie B, told Sky Sport Italia.

“It’s even very cold up there. Lorenzo made an important life choice, it’s not easy to leave Naples, but it was not his fault.”

Insigne will end the season under the Vesivius before beginning his spell at Toronto.

The Italy international is currently out of action with a muscle injury.

He has scored 114 goals in 416 games over ten years with the Partenopei.



  1. trueblue

    Toronto is not that bad. Lorenzo will like the city. There’s no reason he should have accepted that insulting offer from ADL. ADL was low-balling him hoping his love for Napoli would have prevented his departure..

  2. ITalian All The Way

    Proof in pudding Mertens will be next victim.

  3. Mino


    Today in January, yes. For the better part of the season, hot.

    Also, what’s “up there”.

    Toronto is only a few degrees north latitude than Naples.

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