Ligue 1 club Brest confirm they are ‘in negotiations’ with Milan for Romain Faivre after rejecting the first offer, but are ‘disappointed with his attitude.’

The midfielder refused to take part in their match this weekend, trying to force through a transfer to San Siro.

It’s reported an initial proposal of €10m plus bonuses was turned down, as they are holding out for €15m.

“We are in negotiations, but we are also disappointed with the attitude of the player,” said Brest director of sport Gregory Lorenzi.

“We were very surprised yesterday when the player told us he would not be travelling to Strasbourg with us. It’s not because he is against the club or the club doesn’t want to let him go, but rather he took that decision in order to avoid any risk that could damage his potential move.

“He preferred not to play the game. It was a surprise to discover that 10 minutes before we were set to leave.

“Today, Brest take his decision into account and will make decisions also to show other players that this is not how you deal with a transfer, so Faivre will be sanctioned.

“We get the feeling we’re being held hostage by his attitude. Obviously, this will not be without consequences. Players do not make the decisions on transfers, the clubs do.”

Nonetheless, Lorenzi did confirm the talks are continuing with Milan, who are expected to make an improved offer.

“Yes, there are negotiations in progress. There are another 48 hours before the deadline, but we are a long way off an agreement.

“Considering what happened, we have to respond with our heads and not with a gut reaction.”

2 thought on “Brest confirm Milan talks for transfer rebel Faivre”
  1. I understand that he didn’t want to risk getting injured, but he should’ve asked his club not to play and if refused, he should’ve played anyway.

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