Brescia fire Inzaghi, who sues Cellino for breach of contract

Brescia President Massimo Cellino finally followed through on his earlier attempt and fired Pippo Inzaghi, who will now sue the Serie B club for breach of contract, as the team is just five points off the leadership.

The situation has been degenerating for months, practically ever since Inzaghi took the job in June 2021.

He has overseen 14 wins, 12 draws and only five defeats in Serie B this season, sitting in fifth place, just five points off the top spot.

To most Presidents, this would be enough to warrant confidence, but not legendary former Cagliari and Leeds United chief Cellino.

He has been critical of Inzaghi’s tactical approach for months now and had tried to sack him in February, only to be talked out of it by advisors and turned down by Diego Lopez.

That was largely because Inzaghi has a contract which stipulates he cannot be fired if the team is in the top eight at that moment, and they are currently fifth.

At the time, they were third, just two points off top spot.

Nonetheless, Cellino pulled the plug today and Eugenio Corini has already taken his first training session for a third different stint in charge of Brescia.

Now Sky Sport Italia report that Inzaghi will take legal action against Brescia, suing the club for breach of contract.

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