Bremer will become eligible to play for Italy

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Torino defender Gleison Bremer will become eligible to play for the Azzurri as his wife will apply for an Italian passport.

Bremer was named Best Serie A Defender for 2021-22 by Lega Calcio and is one of the most sought-after centre-backs in Europe. He has recently extended his contract with Torino until 2023, but will likely leave the club in the summer, with the Granata looking for a sale in the region of €25-30m.

According to Gazzetta, Bremer could change both club and country in the next few months as his wife Deborah Claudino will apply for an Italian passport.

She was born in Brazil but has Italian ancestors, so she can apply for Italian citizenship. Once she obtains it, Bremer will do the same as the Brazil-born defender is keen to get an Italian passport as well.

According to the report, Italy coach Roberto Mancini is closely monitoring the situation, although it remains to be seen whether Bremer will accept to play for Italy. The 25-year-old has never played in any Brazilian youth team and, of course, he has never made his senior debut with La Seleçao.


20 Comments on “Bremer will become eligible to play for Italy”

  1. Well Italy surely could use some defenders after this failure, with Chiellini retiring and Bonucci not being good enough without him.

    Bastoni and Bremer could lock it up for years.

  2. Because they are missing out on valuable years of development in the crucial years because of the high number of foreign players.

  3. Victoe, why is that ignorant? We’re not producing quality center backs like we used to anymore that’s why Bremer could be the THIRD foreign cb we bring in after Toloi and Luis Felipe. Besides Bastoni, who’s the next young proven cb?

  4. @Carletto

    What a hateful comment. The italian NT is 1/4 of brazilian rejects. I don’t think there is one italian who’d actually start for Brazilian NT, maybe Verrati. Bremer is good enough for brazil and should play for his real nation

  5. People forget 1 in 10 Brazilians have Italian heritage and the figure may be even higher in Argentina! Imagine if messi had played for Italy and mbape who both have Italian heritage.! As long as the players are good enough and want to play for Italy I don’t see what the problem is! You’ve only got to look at the French and English football teams to see the benefits of mixed heritage players on their countries national teams. People need to be less xenophobic the world is changing and football needs to move with it

  6. @Azzurofan There are Viti, Casale, and Altare although I suppose they still need a few more years to develop. Viti seems destined for a top club. Hopefully someone buy Altare because he’s one of the better Italian CBs this season and is too good to play in Serie B.

  7. I am Canadian of Italian descent. Any player, whether from Brazil or Argentina or wherever who has Italian roots and wants to play for Italy is perfectly acceptable-the DNA is still Italian, unlike say players from France or England whose ethnicity may not be English or French by their roots, but they are born in those countries and therefore British/French by birth and rightfully play for their countries of birth and residence. Italy, doesn’t have the immigration level that the aforementioned countries have, but they do have a huge diaspora worldwide with Italian roots. Also, any player without ethnic Italian roots that becomes a citizen of Italy, whether by birth or by applying for it, is also rightly eligible to play. This is the world we live in today.

  8. I would like to add that Italy does have talent without the necessity of calling on other players, Italian roots or otherwise, but they just aren’t given the playing time to develop-this must, absolutely must change, or we will be stuck where we are now.

  9. We have become so pathetic

    Naturalizing players because of their wives.

    I would rather us suffer with actual Italian players (some ancestry cmon now or at least born here)

    Then watch a team full of mercenaries

  10. Stefano, it won’t be a team of mercenaries 90% are still Italians born in Italy. Bremer would be a welcome addition. He’s a stud.

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