Gleison Bremer confirms Juventus ‘talked amongst ourselves’ to shake off their recent crisis and get back on track with the Coppa Italia quarter-final victory against Lazio.

It was a tight game decided by a goal on the stroke of half-time, when Luis Maximiano mis-timed the intervention on a Filip Kostic cross from the right, allowing Bremer to get the header on target.

“I am happy with this goal, we got through and that is what matters right now,” Bremer told Sport Mediaset.

“We know that our last two games have not been up to our standards, but we talked and told each other that we need to focus on what happens on the pitch, we let the club sort things out off the field.”

It allowed them to set up a semi-final against Coppa Italia holders Inter, to be played over two legs in April, while the other clash will be between Fiorentina and Cremonese.

“Juve are a top level team, we must try to get as many points as possible to see where we are at the end of the season,” added Bremer.

This was a return to the Juve of old, with a clean sheet and what Max Allegri called ‘corto muso’ – winning by a nose – after leaking goals in their last few Serie A matches.

“At the start of the year we lost some of that, but as I said before, we talked amongst ourselves and got it back.”

The Old Lady had after all amassed eight consecutive victories with clean sheets in Serie A before the recent collapse, which saw them concede so many against Napoli, Atalanta and Monza.

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