Branca talks Inter transfers


Sporting director Marco Branca has revealed Inter’s transfer philosophy this summer, as well as plans for Mattia Destro, Matias Silvestre and Lucas Moura.

Sporting director Marco Branca has revealed Inter’s transfer philosophy this summer, as well as plans for Mattia Destro, Matias Silvestre and Lucas Moura.

Since taking a greater role in transfer strategy and financial management at the club two years ago, Branca has worked steadily to reduce the club’s wage bill, as well raise money to fund transfers by selling others in the squad.

Where the club have spent €70m on players since the end of 2009-10, they have also recouped €90m, as a strong focus on UEFA’s initiative Financial Fair Play has been taken.

Discussing this ahead of the summer 2012 campaign, Branca has admitted that finances will once again play a part in the Nerazzurri’s dealings in the market.

“Inter are full of ideas, this is not lacking, but maybe we lack support for all those ideas,” the ds told Tele Radio Stereo on Thursday.

“But, in having many ideas, if the first is not feasible, we will try to implement the second, then the third.

“This year we have to make choices that may be from an economic point of view that can bear fruit within a few seasons. In comparison to larger clubs across Europe, such as the Spanish, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea, we have the same costs but in fact half the revenue.

“So, we have to make choices that are even more painful, but necessary, because these costs are no longer sustainable.

“Inter does not want to hide. Our efforts in the market are to give our fans a competitive team. This is our goal to be pursued until the end of August.”

The Nerazzurri have already signed Rodrigo Palacio from Genoa and this week looked set to be on course to also bring in Destro from the Grifone.

However, Siena’s last-minute unexpected decision to take a 50 per cent share in the player yesterday has invited Juventus and Roma back into contention for the young Italian forward.

Reflecting on this, Branca hinted that Inter are prepared to look elsewhere if the valuation agreed with Genoa is not reflected with Siena.

“The contractual status of Destro, between Genoa and Siena, does not directly concern us. Some time ago we had a talk with Genoa to enter into a partnership over Destro, who is a player we know well.

“But, we must now return to talk about valuation, because we are thinking about Destro but we must always put in front of that a price tag.

“Destro is a player of great potential. It is true that there is a crisis over who owns him, but the quality of Mattia is not debatable, but, economic issues are conditional.

“We are also evaluating other options for the attack. I would like to clarify that our relations with Genoa are good, because Genoa have a good relationship with most of the clubs. [President Enrico] Preziosi is a football fan, I think that the example is that Milan also have a good rapport with him.”

Inter are also in talks with Palermo to sign Matias Silvestre, but Branca distanced himself from President Maurizio Zamparini’s assertion that the deal was ‘99 per cent complete’.

“I appreciate the optimism of Zamparini, but the Silvestre operation is not ‘99 per cent complete’. First, we must settle with other players who would like to leave the squad because they would not find space with us next season.”

There was also a cautious tone for the possibility of seeing Sao Paulo’s Lucas pull on an Inter shirt this summer.

“Inter are in a position where to have to spend €15-20m on a player, a lot of thinking must be done. This is valid for Lucas at Sao Paulo.

“I understand that it is a difficult dynamic for some fans to digest.”

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