Bonucci row reflects Juventus arrogance

by | Jan 13, 2022 18:02

Anyone who saw Leonardo Bonucci’s antics on the bench during the Supercoppa couldn’t be surprised by the touchline row with an Inter director, because he exhibited the very worst of what people dislike about Juventus.

The centre-back was returning from an injury and therefore sat on the bench just behind coach Max Allegri, making his every scream, gesture and complaint painfully visible.

It was the usual routine we tend to see from vice-president Pavel Nedved, specifically harassing the referee and fourth official at every tiny contact, waving imaginary cards, howling for blood as if a regular tackle was some sort of serious assault.

The fact all this was coming from Bonucci, a man not exactly known for being weak into the challenge, just made it seem even more incredibly hypocritical.

These are all things that are cited by fans of other Italian clubs when explaining why Juventus are so disliked by everyone else in Calcio, the sense of entitlement, the constant moaning to officials and acting as if they are being victimised.

He was furious at the Inter director for celebrating ‘in his face,’ but that was the touchline, it’s a shared space, Bonucci doesn’t own it.

Compare and contrast with Giorgio Chiellini, a true captain who stood and applauded as Inter lifted the trophy at San Siro.

Unfortunately for Juventus, Chiellini is heading towards retirement, whereas the club is now going to be represented by Bonucci, Nedved and Max Allegri’s pitiful arrogance.


  1. JUVENTUS_monitor

    “the constant moaning to officials and acting as if they are being victimised”
    It’s what Inter does much more than any other club while most of mistakes are in their favor.

  2. pitiful arrogance

    Author writes about arrogance and speaks for “everyone else in Calcio”, such an irony…

    “that was the touchline, it’s a shared space”
    Please read why Inter was fined for this incident.

    “the constant moaning to officials and acting as if they are being victimised”
    It’s about Barella, right?

    Such a pathetic article full of hatred

  3. Lol, Football Italua

    This is my last time coming to this pathetic, biased website. Let me just say this: Susy Camanale, c’mon. Truly pathetic stuff.


    Football Italia I have been a reader on this site since I think 2013 and you should be ashamed of this kind of articles which comes out of a writers personal vendetta towards a team .I am truly disappointed in this kind of crap you have recently started to publish and hope you will reconsider this for the sake of your readers.

  5. mamamia

    Is this a leader or what is happening?
    Long gone are the days of objective journalism it seems.

  6. InterFan75

    Thanks, Chiellini.

  7. Al

    Can’t agree more with this article. Juve has to get used to not being the top team in serie A. Their squad is statistically old and two of their few good players have refused to renew (De Ligt and Dybala).
    Accept the truth. 4 years of awful financial decisions has damaged Juve. Moan as much as you like as other teams take over…

  8. Ali G

    do you mean Inzaghi’s tirade and shouting at the ref for Barella-Chiellini incident? or was that not moaning to you Susy? Come on please focus on Roma‘s problems and Mourinho. Dont project your fav team’s loss on another

  9. @jimmy_Stallion

    Their are sore losers and sore winners. Let’s call this a case of both. Yes Bonucci is wrong, but the Inter official is wrong if he is right on the touchline at his face.

  10. lel

    I totally agree with this article…Juve are sore losers full of arrogance. Get humbled by Inter lol

  11. Jacob

    Wow, just wow. This is seriously beyond pathetic. Sad to see what this site has turned into.

  12. bOUDZ

    I knew who exactly the author was going to be before I clicked on the article.

  13. bla

    This is what the first sentence of the article should be if I wrote it: “Anyone who reads Susy Campanale’s antics on the FI web site about the Supercoppa couldn’t be surprised by the inner psychiatric row with herself (an anti Juve fan), because she exhibited the very worst of what people dislike about FI.” What do you think Susy, is it fair?

  14. moratti should be in jail

    Calciopoli was a witch hunt against Juve change my mind.

  15. rosario

    The two most important domestic games for inter this season have been the derby and last night. And in both, referees made sure of them being in the game and have relevance. In the derby, kessie was fouled but they got a pen. the second pen – ballo-toure can clearly be seen getting to the ball first. Last night, dive after dive, and then allowed to stay in the game thanks to the most pathetic dive. too right bonucci was angry.

  16. Daniel

    A typical click bait title from the worst “journalist” on FI

  17. Jacob

    @ lel – of course you agree with Susy. Even when you win, you still talk about Juve. You must really have a low self-esteem. Feel sad for you.

  18. Are you joking?

    Susy.. What happened? did you write this and by accident pressed “post” and not “delete”?


    I have never ever read a more lame “editorial” on a – supposed to be – respectable site that about Calcio. Ok, I’m sure that are many worst “editorials” or points of view about Juventus, on Inter or Milan‘s bloggs, but that’s completely other space. And this is way you crossed the border, Susy! I know you are a die hard AC Milan fan, but don’t be like: “I hate Juventus more than I love AC Milan”! Don’t, just don’t! Please, write “editorials” about Milan, about evergreen stories of Italian Football, but stop with this trivial and despicable manner of treating one – if not THE ONE – most important club in Italy.

  20. David B

    shame on you! who allows such an offensive article towards a team?
    you can see on the footages that the interisti guy pushed Bonucci… you should check the fact before you write sg!
    this site is not credible anymore.

  21. Romanzo1897

    Juventino here. I think all (or most) juventini agree that “our” club has been making some seriously stupid mistakes over these past couple of years. E.g. how they’re handling the Dybala situation. It’s just awful how they treat a quality player who bleeds black&white. This article, however, is so poor I don’t even know what to say. Wow.

  22. The Grand Old Lady Rocks to JUVE!

    I am disappointed with that incoherent rant from Susy. It does not erase the good of all her well written contributions over the years but damn, that was an own goal. I really hope your normal professional writing returns.
    The office of the federal prosecutor ruled that the inter official provoked/ instigated the incident and was fined €5,000. Bonucci fell for the bait, lost his temper and was rightfully given a fine also. No grown up Juve supporter condones this kind of nonsense

  23. Pathetic

    Truly pathetic

  24. Louch

    No offence but I stopped reading at the very sentence that we are entitled complaining at every foul. Really??? Ever watch a game vs juventus where even a favourable throw in is cause for the next calciopoli??? Please tell me this is some kind of joke. Everyone reacts. Everyone is a hypocrite. Every player is trying to get the next guy a yellow. This is not exclusively a Juve problem. What galaxy you lot from?What a disgrace of an article. No wonder your viewership is plummeting like Biden’s approval ratings.

  25. 8

    Bunch of crap. I guess we didn’t see the same game.
    It is enough to look at every single player of inter on the field when there is a whistle against them.

  26. bobani

    and the pathetic crying is continuing here i see..


    Great example of “neutral” blogging here! Lol

  28. delpiero

    This has to be the worst piece of journalism i have ever seen on this page. It is offensive not only for Juventus and their history and everything they represent for Italian football, economy etc. but for us as fans and readers of this site. Absolute clickbait garbage which stems from incompetence and just pure hatred towards the most important club in the country.

  29. LAKAKA

    And the Juventini moaning and arrogance continues on the comments section. It’s a club culture thing …

  30. Daniel

    Nope. Wrong again just like Susy. I’m a Milan fan, but this article is just trash.

  31. Lynchy

    Maybe it was written after a few sherries. Surprised it hasn’t been taken down yet.

  32. Italia

    Very good article, let’s get rid of Juve all together, Italy will have a better league

  33. Drago

    This article is pure trash.

  34. JuveFan

    football italia are now licking Inter. if you write a comment criticizing inter and they don’t like they would not approve it to be posted. Of course they will let this one slip to prove me wrong

  35. frankie

    No matter whether you support Juventus or not, this is a very poor article.

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