Leonardo Bonucci said Juventus must ‘take the lessons’ from their 4-0 defeat to Chelsea in the Champions League. ‘The moment you ease off, they punish you.’

The Bianconeri had already qualified for the Round of 16, but were crushed at Stamford Bridge with goals from Trevor Chalobah, Reece James, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Timo Werner.

They now slip to second place in the group, having previously maintained a perfect record in the competition.

Champions League | Chelsea 4-0 Juventus: Bianconeri get the blues

“It’s a heavy defeat, certainly, we have to take the lesson that against these teams you must always go at 1,000km/h, because the moment you slow it down, they punish you,” Bonucci told Sky Sport Italia and Sport Mediaset.

“We tried in the second half to close down their moves down the flanks, but we weren’t focused enough on those two balls they put in from wide.

“It is important we learn the lessons from this game, which is that against these teams, you cannot lower the intensity or concentration for a moment.

“We conceded the first goal from a corner, it might’ve been handball. We should’ve controlled it better in the second half, as they caused us so many problems.”

Much has been said about the difference in tempo between Italian sides and the Premier League outfits.

“The Premier League has seven, eight, nine teams competing for the title every season and they are also therefore challenging to go all the way in the Champions League.

“We need to take the right lessons from this game and be ready to take it going forward. You have to be 100 per cent physically and psychologically for every moment in these games, otherwise you will be punished.

“We qualified for the Round of 16, that was the first objective and we achieved it. Now we look forward.”

8 thought on “Bonucci: ‘Juventus must learn lessons from Chelsea’”
  1. I am tired of all this learn learn learn. Talk is cheap when we learn nothing. I do not care about the score, the performance was embarrassing for a proud club like ours. How can we claim to be the biggest club in the land and we play like timid little mice. Grow a back bone and do not be afraid to go forward. We lost 4-0 playing timid.

  2. Edit: “Juventus should have to build a bus station in front of the goal instead of just parking the bus because Chelsea is not Lazio” – there I’ve fixed the title for you.

  3. There is no learning from this. What can you do differently when you return to Serie A and play games at a snail’s pace? How can you adjust to play at a fast pace when your own league doesn’t? Impossible. That is a primary reason why the EPL always places teams in Europe. The strategy against Italian teams that all teams know and try to use is to press high, press, press and don’t give players time and space.

  4. we haven’t learnt anything at all.old school coaches who do not want to change.at least young coaches are trying to move away from the sydrome.eg pirlo is one,but j6ve pressed panic button and chose tradition which is outdated , no longer suits modern football.I thoght mr allegri was studying games internationally in his sabbital 2yrs,lol he has drifted backwards.8 players in this squad are not worthy of juve.

  5. This noise about juve being the biggest club in Italy is overly exaggerated. For those of us who are non Italians, it is AC Milan that we consider the biggest club in Italy.

  6. Allegri and Juve showed fear and too much respect to Chelsea… this old school Italian theory of conceding the initiative to the opponent and just absorbing attack after attack in the hopes of a counter is so antiquated and useless in the modern game. Especially when you are a powerful team yourself to be feared! Just a horrible completely thoughtless coaching display from Allegri.

  7. @O’Gabbs
    Nope, you got it wrong. I’m not Italian, I know quite a few non-Italian Calcio fans who does consider Juventus beeing the greatest Italian team. Of course, AC Milan had a massive european success, but Milan has benefit hugely from the Berlusconi era. And that’s it. Without that part, history of Milan is rather poor. Two relegations – one for “merit” and the other for match fixing (Totonero) – and meteoric pressence in the top 3, not to mention the number of Scudetto’s won from time to time.
    Know and respect the history of Calcio;)

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