Bonucci breaks the silence: ‘Juve are not the ones from yesterday’

by | Aug 29, 2021 11:01

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci has vowed to ‘work’ to turn things around after a difficult start in Serie A 2021-22.

After starting the season with a 2-2 draw against Udinese, Juventus suffered a 1-0 defeat at home against newly promoted Empoli.

Serie A Highlights: Juventus 0-1 Empoli

Leonardo Mancuso scored the only goal in the match and helped the Azzurri become the 15th team to win at the Allianz Stadium.

None of the players have talked about the disappointing match, but Bonucci sent a message to the fans on social media, where he promised to work and turn things around.

“Juve are not the ones from yesterday,” Bonucci wrote on Twitter. “Now it’s time to work and get results.”

epa09434583 Juventus? Leonardo Bonucci (R) and Empoli?s Patrik Cutrone in action during the Italian Serie A soccer match Juventus FC vs Empoli FC at Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy, 28 August 2021. EPA-EFE/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO


  1. Dm

    Sorry Bonnuci no matter how great u are it’s not just about hard work,
    it’s also about everyone using their brains and playing as a team, which Juve have not done for a quite a while.

  2. Gamal

    Allegri’s tactics is to blame.

  3. Italboy

    We have to admit other teams are more driven and want the victory more
    than Juve.The whole of the JFC need to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Too many players not fighting for the shirt.

  4. Ahmad

    Last night game was totally dissapointing so Dbayla is not real captain he can’t handle the team and he is not mentally strong and physical strong

  5. martinn

    where is our dna? i have to question this.

  6. Ahmad

    I have been Juventus fan for at least 24 years.
    And i am suggesting to remove the captain from Dbayla because when ever he take the ambrand we lose ane he presents poor proformance in these games so give the ambrand those who belong

  7. Patrick Ghigo

    We should be proud to support JUVENTUS!
    We should fight to win because winning is our sole concept…

    VINCERE non e importante ma e l’unica cosa che conta..

    Where is the fighting spirit!? Where is the teamwork!
    Allegri should work hard in this break and society should bring new strong players to quickly fill the holes in midfield.

  8. Nana

    martinn go ask allegri, your step father. and keep blaming ronaldo while you at it.

  9. Ali

    Says the guys who causally was standing when we conceded.

    Look at yourself bonucci before this social media drama of yours

  10. Burky

    & they are still in the ‘Superleague’😂

  11. ramy

    hope angelli learns from bayer how to run a club

  12. juvemania

    @italboy agreed! too many mercenaries in there. just look at how desperate dybala tried to make a goal so he kept tried to dribbled and shot it him self. thats because of his 12M salary not yet finalised.
    those high salary players only play as they wish and as long as they gave a glimpse of flashy acts people will supporting them despite the facts they never really give their 100%.
    just look at how de ligt acts when he shown to much drama for a header.
    when players play for their comfortable high salary with long contract we just repeating the era of del neri

  13. Roy

    Having not played any of the friendlies … Locatelli should have been given atleast 15-20 mins run last week so that he could have played most of the 2nd half if not start against Empoli. Allegri is treating these matches like trials .. what’s this tactic with Danilo ❓❓🙄

    Too much load on Chiesa and that’s why he got gassed and had to be substituted … feel bad for him ☹️

    And very disappointed with Dybala .. he’s a good player but not a great one to build team around ❗❗

  14. Musty juve

    We all seem blind about no 3 position alex sandro. I dont know why we still play him. 90 mins without any cross or attack. Only master in back pass(16th century style. Give others chance or sign a attacking minded no. 3

  15. Umar

    We have to buy centrer foword and wings defence number 2 and 3 respectively

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