Bodo/Glimt coach blasts ‘shocking’ Mourinho and Roma behaviour

Bodo/Glimt manager Kjetil Knutsen blasted Roma and Jose Mourinho after the physical altercation with goalkeeping coach Nuno Santos. ‘His attitude is shocking, his values so far from what I represent.’

The incident occurred after the first leg of their Europa Conference League quarter-final in Norway last Thursday, which Bodo/Glimt won 2-1.

Both parties accused each other of being the aggressor, as Knutsen and Nuno Santos had a physical altercation in the tunnel quite some time after the game.

Knutsen and Nuno Santos have been provisionally suspended by UEFA pending an investigation.

“We are surprised and shocked by UEFA’s decision,” commented Bodo/Glimt via a statement on their social media account.

“We will appeal, and will work on that throughout the evening.”

The second leg is at the Stadio Olimpico this Thursday evening and the squad flew into Rome today.

Before that, Knutsen spoke to in Norway about the incident.

“Events like this make me want to move into a different field. I even considered whether it was really a good idea to continue working in football.

“What happened is so far from my values, those of the club and of Norwegian football. In these situations, you need to find the strength in yourself and react in the best possible way.

“The most important thing for me is being able to look yourself in the mirror. If I couldn’t do that anymore, I would really have to consider if this was worth it.”

Mourinho has made snide remarks about the Bodo/Glimt staff in various interviews and Knutsen responded in kind.

“This type of attitude is shocking. His values and his way of coaching are so far from what I represent. It’s incredibly disappointing to see such behaviour from a coach with so many titles and who has been part of the sport for such a long time.”

11 Comments on “Bodo/Glimt coach blasts ‘shocking’ Mourinho and Roma behaviour”

  1. Good response to call out Mourinho’s childish behaviour. It’s obvious that Roma has more to lose here and are reacting poorly to their two Norwegian humiliations.

  2. Not rivalry, Norwegian clubs dream of these games – and the disappointment I immense when they see the that at the higher level the game is run by thugs and bullies.
    As they say, you should never meet your idol.

  3. This is so sad in all possible ways. Mourinho’s team got it exactly the way they wanted by attacking Knutsen with a reserve coach and force him to react back, knowing that UEFA is too weak to place the guilt despite video evidence against Santos. Totally shameful behavior, but sadly not surprising. Even worse is it that UEFA doesn’t spot the antics, but plays along. A total disgrace against the sport some of us love for the good values which are sadly disappearing in international football.

  4. Santos is a madman who repeatedly has proven that he doesn’t belong in football, and Mourinho is a poor loser who uses his bully to deliberately provoke and even physically attack the head coach of a better opponent.
    So far – Mourinho 4 / Knutsen 10

  5. LOL….
    n what exactly KNUTSEN are so called Norwegian values???

    I hate it when people try to hide behind this VALUES shield….

  6. The interview was given to a norwrgian newspaper. As a Norwegian, it makes sense to me.

    Mourinho makes no sense at all. Unsportsmanlike conduct. If he wasn’t part of it he could have condemned his trainers actions. Pathetic.

  7. Respect goes both ways. Don’t throw snowballs at a manager and player then play the victim. Peasant tactics there. You want to be ‘respected’ then start being respectful, end of discussion.

  8. Congratulations on your results in the previous 3 games against us, but as you have just found out, THIS was the one you needed to win. Even when you beat us 6-1, we still topped the group so thanks for the memories and feel free to gargle on these Knut sen! FORZA ROMA!

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