Boban: ‘UEFA will win the legal battle against the Super League’

Zvonimir Boban

Head of Football Zvonimir Boban believes UEFA will ‘win the legal battle’ against the Super League and says it’s ‘absurd’ to think that England are favoured during the Euros.

The former Milan player and director is not the Head of Football at UEFA and spoke in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport about the Super League project.

“There’s a legal battle, and we will win it,” Boban told the newspaper. “Real football won against those who want to ruin it to make it a business, erasing 160 years of history.

“Just because someone didn’t manage the accounts of the club, we have to ruin football?”

He was then asked about the conspiracies saying England are favoured in EURO 2020 due to the fact that Prime Minister Boris Johnson helped UEFA.

“Absurd, dishonest, unfair speeches,” Boban added. “They also said that we would play the Champions League Final in London for him, instead it was in Porto.

“Football must be grateful to England for how it reacted and also to countries like Italy: [FIGC President] Gabriele Gravina is among those who fought.

“But the real winners are football, the people who love it and, if I have to name a name, [UEFA President Aleksander] Ceferin.”

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