Fiorentina have reason to be furious with UEFA for the lack of security in the Conference League, as before West Ham fans left Cristiano Biraghi needing eight stitches, Alessandro Bianco was punched by Sivasspor supporters.



The Viola went all the way to the Final at the Eden Arena in Prague last night and were beaten 2-1 by a last-minute Jarrod Bowen counter-attack.

The match was overshadowed by West Ham fans behind the goal repeatedly throwing objects from the stands and hitting Fiorentina players.

Nico Gonzalez managed to catch one of the hard plastic cups, jokingly pretending to drink from it, but Biraghi was struck by several and above all a vape pen.

It left him with a gash on the back of his head that later required eight stitches, as play was suspended for several minutes while blood poured down his neck.

There were questions in Italy about why play wasn’t halted entirely and the defeat given to West Ham, which may well have been the case had Biraghi wanted to take advantage of the hooliganism.

Fiorentina can have serious questions about the safety protocol in the Conference League, as in the 4-1 quarter-final win away to Sivasspor, local fans invaded the pitch during a goal celebration and one of them managed to punch defender Bianco in the face.

It fractured his nose and the 20-year-old had only just come off the bench.

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