Berlusconi on Monza as ‘a super team’ and Balotelli return

Silvio Berlusconi, president of Italian soccer club AC Milan, after a meeting in a trust company in Lugano, Switzerland, 08 June 2015.

Silvio Berlusconi underlined his desire to make Monza ‘a super team’ and confirmed that he asked Mario Balotelli to join the club.

The Lombardy-based team, who have been owned by the former Italian Prime Minister since 2018, secured their spot in the 2022-23 Serie A season after beating Pisa in the Serie B play-off finals. This is the first time that they’ve ever qualified for the topflight.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia, Berlusconi first discussed his plans for the club and the celebrations following the promotion.

“We can make Monza a super team, I would like the club’s rise to Serie A to be consistent. I was expecting a big celebration, passing through Genoa before being in Monza I was overwhelmed by compliments and good wishes.

“Then there was the happiness of people for our bus going through the city. Now it’s nice to celebrate, from tomorrow we’ll think about the future.”

He confirmed that he’s offered a spot in the Monza squad to Balotelli, who scored 18 goals in 31 Turkish league matches this season.

“I asked him to come back and play with us.”

The former Milan owner touched on two of Monza’s objectives.

“Friendly and effective. The management of the club is very open and helpful. All the players got on well. I don’t think anyone is thinking of leaving.

“We have a good team, especially for our playing techniques that only we have.”

Finally, Berlusconi discussed Balotelli’s presence at the promotion party and his dreams for the future.

“We’ve been friends for a long time. I asked him, just for a laugh, if he wants to come back and play here and he said: ‘Tomorrow’. But we’re not playing tomorrow.

“We’ll see if he can fit into the club’s plans.

“Dreams? I am the president who has won the most, my dream has already been realised.”

Monza will join Lecce and Cremonese as the newly promoted teams in Serie A next season, replacing the relegated Cagliari, Genoa and Venezia.

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