Berlusconi makes bawdy pledge to Monza players

Monza President Silvio Berlusconi is causing controversy again after telling the squad he’d reward them with ‘a bus full of wh***s’ if they beat a big club.

The patron – who was formerly the Prime Minister of Italy and is still very high in the Italian Government – is known for his bawdy and largely inappropriate sense of humour.

He took the microphone at Monza’s Christmas dinner this evening, praised coach Raffaele Palladino and again did not know when to stop talking.

“We found a new coach, who was at our youth team, he is good, smart, kind, and able to stimulate our lads,” said Berlusconi.

“I decided to add an extra stimulation, so I told the lads you will play Milan, Juventus, etc, so if you beat one of these big teams, I will have you greeted in the locker room by a bus full of wh***s.”

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