Silvio Berlusconi, president of Italian soccer club AC Milan, after a meeting in a trust company in Lugano, Switzerland, 08 June 2015.

Former Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi joins the front of those who are against the demolition of the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. ‘It would be very painful’.



The former Rossoneri President took over in February 1986 and spent 31 years being the owner of the club.

Milan won eight Scudetti, five European Cups, one Coppa Italia, six Supercoppa Italiana, two Intercontinental Cups, five UEFA Super Cups and the FIFA Club World Cup during Berlusconi’s time in Via Aldo Rossi.

Inter and Milan stadium won’t be ready before 2027

The current owner of Monza expressed his concern about the ‘demolition’ of San Siro, as Inter and Milan are planning to build a new and modern stadium in the fashion capital.

“The demolition of San Siro would be very painful,” Berlusconi told Corriere della Sera. “It’s an icon of football, known all over the world…

“Tearing down San Siro would be a deep wound.”

Berlusconi thus shared the position of former Inter patron Massimo Moratti, who told the same newspaper in September 2019 that he understands the need for a modern stadium.

But the former Nerazzurri President cannot conceive of Milan without San Siro, just like Berlusconi.

“Having a new stadium is the direction clubs must go in for the modern game, with increased focus on business and revenue. It is probably a necessary and inevitable step,” Moratti told Corriere della Sera in 2019.

“However, it would also involve giving up on a piece of everyone’s history, which is San Siro. It’s probably the most loved stadium in Italy.”

10 thought on “Berlusconi against the demolition of San Siro”
  1. If course Berlusconi is against the construction of a new stadium that would only serve to increase revenue for Milan and Inter.

    There are plans, as previously reported and reported by FI as well, that a museum adjacent to the new San Siro would pricure and display architectural and structural remnants from the historical San Siro.

    Berlusconi’s thinking is nostalgic

  2. HE IS CORRECT 100%. Italy has the worst stadiums in all of europe BUT they decide to tear down this beautiful iconic stadium?? The most famous stadium in italy?? Horibble decision by horrible owners. They should renovate San siro who cares how much it costs. Cheap new horrible owners only care about money.

    Inter is owned by chinese and Milan by american herdge fund so obviously they only care about money. Why only 60 000 seats??? Because they want to make the most money possible and create demand. Inter was averaging 66 000 before covid. Why is the capacity so small?

    I have been to San siro and many stadiums around europe. It is by far the best atmosphere in europe and everyone knows it. Why are they cutting capacity by 20 000???Why demolish a stadium for the fans for money and greed of foreign owners.

    Dont forget this is the CHEAPEST option for them to make lots of money. Its all about money and no one can argue that. All the other great clubs of europe that have iconic stadiums DONT TEAR THEM DOWN?? They spend as much money as possible to renovate. Madrid, Barca, ManU, Liverpool, etc.

    Don’t be CHEAP spend 1.5 billion instead of 1 billion and don’t tear down San Siro. Horrible decision in every aspect with only $$$ in mind. But this is calcio with 25 years of horrible decisions.


  3. Everyone know’s that new stadia in Italy are needed, but impossible to implement due to local authoritie’s + some backward mentalitie’s, not wanting Italian football to grow + progress. But in this case, I’m kinda glad. As it seem’s as ridiculous, with today’s tech that they couldn’t just renovate it to modern needs + standards? Like Real have done with the Bernabue! It’s cheaper + far more convenient to knock down + start from scratch. But if they could replace it with a decent interior design as well + not downgrade to 60,000 just to boost ticket prices, then that would help too. But it’s not just nostalgia + history. It’s the height, architecture, atmosphere, iconic status, steep design + intimidation factor that is still, even now, 2nd to none! I’ve argued with many opposition “fan’s” who wish to see it replaced. They say it’s horrible + outdated, yet in truth, after talking to them for a while, it became clear + apparent that they only wished to see it torn down out of jealousy, as it is so unique + special! It need’s refurbishing. But are the council going to do that for the 2026 games only to then knock it down soon afterward’s? Doubtful? I wish they could sell it to the club’s + that they could find the heart & money to refurbish. There’s lot’s of empty space on 3 sides of it. They could put more of a back on + cantilever it. There’s room enough to add in modern facilities, to the naked, common-sense eye. If Ragazzi, Hoffner + Finzi told me thrmselves that it’d be impossible to do up, then I’d agree. More than I do with business suits who say it anyway, when they only worship maximum profit for minimum fund! Main issue may be the hippodrome on the east side? I don’t even think that’s in use any more though + if it was a choice between that + the San Siro then I’d choose the later any day!

  4. @House Party…

    Excellent points.

    1. The architectural design of the new Dan Siro could, theoretically, replicate the design of the current San Siro.

    2. A new design could replicate the imposing tract of the iconic beam structure.


  5. I am saying this on a purely professional basis, the club’s do not need to knock down the San Siro, I worked with 2 construction companies for 10 years, and renovating the Stadium is not impossible, it’s something that can be done, which would even be cheaper, and if they are saying that their isn’t space for Morden facilities that’s rubbish, the other side that has two tiers can be used to build very modern facilities and ultra luxurious sky boxes, even the two areas behind the goal posts can be worked on, the stadium has surrounding space outside they can utilize, why don’t they build a new stadium on the available space, then renovate to the San Siro, so each of them has a stadium…

  6. The San Siro is a dinosaur, it had its time, its now time to move on, if you want the clubs to move out of the stone ages we NEED a new stadium that generates profits for the CLUBS and not the municipality. It has been stated that renovating the San Siro will actually take longer to complete and will cost over 100M more than a new stadium. I for one hope the Populous design wins, its an honourable nod to the San Siro in its design and is a unique statement for both Milanese clubs

  7. Nicola,

    Reduced seating by 20K ? Interesting indeed.

    Seeing as how Milan are owned by Americans than that would suggest to me that in place of seats they will build luxury boxes that is commonplace in the USA. This brings in a lot of money.

    This is why I detest modern football and especialy the American and Middle Eastern influence in Italy, England, Spain, Mexico, even. Others.

    They are leetches. They have no football DNA between them but suck the lifeblood out of nations that do.

    So now you will have 60K that are true fans and people in the luxury boxes not even paying attention to the match sipping on champagne and eating shrimp cocktails.

    Then what will happen is, the value of the club will increase THEN they will sell the club.

    It’s a racket. Research MLS and racket if you have some time. Research ‘Jeffery Loria’.

    American businesses involve themselves with pro teams, get a new stadium built for them, then they flip it for a profit.

  8. This is why Americans are buying Italian clubs. Even Parma in B.

    They know full well Italy is in dire need of proper stadiums, except Juve.

    So they are buying them, trying to get a stadium built for them, so they can flip it.

    Except Joey Saputo (Italian- Canadian) at Bologna, these Americanoa couldn’t explain the Offside Rule. I give Saputo a Pass because he is a football man with Italian origins who is a big part of football in Montreal.

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