Benitez: ‘Inter and Juventus ahead of Milan in title race’

Former Inter and Napoli coach Rafael Benitez suggested that the Nerazzurri and Juventus are currently ‘superior’ to Milan ahead of the 2022-23 Serie A season.

The Rossoneri won their first Scudetto in a decade last season under Stefano Pioli, finishing two points ahead of intercity rivals and runners up Inter. Juventus recovered after a poor first half of the season and finished fourth, 16 points behind the victorious Milan. After an interesting summer transfer window, the top teams are again ready to battle it out for a chance of glory.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Benitez gave his thoughts on the title race this season and which teams hold the edge.

“Inter and Juventus, they’re in the front row. Then Milan is solid, impossible not to consider the champions, but the other two are superior at the moment. 

“I appreciate Juve’s signings, Di Maria and Bremer. Also watch out for Napoli, and how impressive Roma, with the new arrivals, I think Mourinho has the pleasant obligation to fight for the title.”

One of the more impressive teams in the transfer window has been Roma, who’ve significantly strengthened their squad by picking up players like Paulo Dybala, Georginio Wijnaldum and Nemanja Matic.

Milan, on the other hand, have had a more understated summer and Charles De Ketelaere has been their most exciting arrival. Inter hope that the return of Romelu Lukaku will make the difference in the title race and Juventus have picked up known factors like Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria to shore up their squad.

26 Comments on “Benitez: ‘Inter and Juventus ahead of Milan in title race’”

  1. what he said is pretty obvious to everyone except deluded milan fanboys, milan does not have a proper striker and a right winger, they had insane amount of luck last season

  2. Only a successful manager like Sacchis, lippi, Ancelloti, Capellos can give a verdict and an experience fan could Respect it, not Benitez who was a major failure at both inter, Napoli, Everton and almost anywhere he goes! This Juventus is much worse than inter because of the Allegri factor! And I believe Acmilan is better placed! Because of their consistency, Quality addition and Pacey football style.

    I think ac Milan has done the best job in the transfer market and sloved all their big problems, but let’s wait because the window ain’t closed yet .SO LETS WAIT TILL SEPTEMBER 1ST

  4. What’s so funny is that -some- Inter and Juve fans kept on persisting to disrespect Milan and calling us lucky. If you team is THAT good, how could you lose to a lucky team lol. You can have your ‘best-on-paper’ title, enjoy!

    Would be so satisfying to shut you guys up again this season.

  5. The title race would be between Milan and Roma. Inter without Perišić will be below the top 6.
    Allegri will spend half of the season finding the first 11 and play with prehistoric style. Forget about Vlahovic, he is being transformed to be a new Patrick Cutrone. Milan with Origi and CDK, on the other hand, will score more than 100 goals this season and easily win the title.

  6. @Muto funniest comment ever

    roma’s mercato is absurdly overrated, they are not going to finish in top 4, milan is going to finish 3rd at best

  7. such stupid deluded comments from haters haha ……
    we have strengthened our attack with Origi , CDK & Adli. Either of the last 2 that i mentioned can play as Am /RW and we also have Salee & JR Mess out there … Always prefer when MIlan are underdogs …. keep talking crap and lets see next year

  8. Someone better call Maldini and tell him his signing is irrelevant according to some guy. Its important information that he needs to know before the season kicks off.

  9. it is irrelevant who do i support, grow up, i am quite objective, i like serie a, i like all the clubs

  10. @serieAfan Juve and Inter are full of stars with fancy transfer campaign I get it. But Milan with all their limitation, PLAY AS A TEAM. That’s what makes the difference.

  11. I’m a Juve fan, but I wouldn’t say we were ahead of Milan. Pioli has a well drilled team with everyone knowing their roles and system, plus the confidence that comes with being Champions. Allegri on the other hand, still doesn’t know his best formation or starting XI, and new signings will need time to adapt too!

  12. last year people also said Giroud was also not an adequate addition.. but you knew the end result right?
    we’ll see if Origi would be a surprise addition when the season ends.

  13. Why is the ” fat waiter ” commenting on Milan‘s chances ? Yes the striker is and issue but we have managed to fill the gap game by game. Juve at this time are a bunch of puzzle pieces but have the making of a good squad for sure, but some holes there as well.

  14. @jULIAN
    Good point. Giroud ended up being essential to winning the league. Now I don’t think Origi is as good as Giroud but he will definitely contribute.

  15. Milan have messias and salemekeres at RW. Not the best, but that’s 2 in that position.

    There are lots of options for striker, but I think Milan play better with a false 9 against ‘some teams’, not all.

    However, if there is an opportunity for some last minute bargains, Milan could still do with a DC, RW and a S.

    It also depends what the objectives are. Are we targeting the scudetto again or top 4? This team as it is, is best placed for a top 3 finish I believe. As it was last year. Milan were just more consistent over 38 games

  16. Put us behind Inter and Juve will only do us good, just like last year.
    Our squad isn’t filled with big football stars, but quite evenly distributed between first and backup player.
    Our backup GK Tatarusanu, still managed to block Lautaro’s penalty in the derby.
    Kalulu prove doubters wrong, 9 clean sheets out of 11 in the last games when he paired with Tomori.
    Nothing more can be said on Maignan, and Giroud isn’t flashy striker, but he stepped up when we needed him the most.
    CDK, Origi and Adli might not yet been proven in Serie A, but as a Milanista I’m very pleased to see Maldini is looking to the future by investing on the young core of our squad rather signing big names with big wages that could backfire on our effort to build sustainable economic club.

  17. Benitez was relevant 17 years ago. Now he is a nobody so his words value are in par.
    I am surprised no one is consdering Roma. Abraham/Dybala/Zaniolo/Pellegrini is a HUGE offensive package. For me they are the team to watch and be careful of. Inter has weakened as well Juventus. Milan has also lost Kessie and for there is a question mark on how he can be correctly replaced. Anyway, Milan has added quality with CDK, Adli and the return of Pobega. Origi is an enigma for me but if he can add half of Giroud added, he will be useful. And for those mocking Junior Messias and say Milan is lacking a good RW, I say this to you before season starts: Junior has another thing coming for you

  18. AcM have the best chance of winning the league again u don’t have to have the best players but what u need is a smart coach like Pioli and players that believe and enjoy the playing style.
    so juve have no chance with Allegri, inter have big money problems
    1st AcM
    2nd Napoli
    3rd Inter
    4th Roma

  19. Of Kessié was still around I’d say we’d have a chance, favorites even. But since he’s gone and not replaced adequately as of yet, it remains to be seen.

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