‘Be serious’ Infantino reacts to Italy’s 2022 World Cup recall

epa09864023 FIFA president Gianni Infantino speaks at the start of the main draw for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Doha, Qatar, 01 April 2022. EPA-EFE/NOUSHAD THEKKAYIL

It was a busy day in Florence for FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who ruled out that Italy will be recalled for the 2022 World Cup: ‘Be serious, please…’

There were reports that the Azzurri could be recalled at Qatar 2022 in November as FIFA could have sanctioned Iran who had locked 2,000 women out of the stadium for their World Cup qualifier against Lebanon.

FIFA executive insists Italy at 2022 World Cup is ‘utopia’

However, the hopes of Italy fans didn’t last long as FIFA executive member Evelina Christillin has denied that the Azzurri could have been admitted to the tournament at the end of the year.

Infantino shared the same view and ruled out a possible recall for Roberto Mancini’s men. When asked whether the Azzurri have a chance to make it to Qatar 2022 to replace Iran, he replied: “Let’s be serious, please…”

Infantino insisted that he ‘feels like crying’ knowing that the Azzurri will not be in Qatar, having missed out on a second successive World Cup for the first time in history. He also insisted that holding a World Cup every two years it’s a possibility.

Juventus fans furious with Infantino following his latest claims

“When we discuss a World Cup held every two years, it’s because the emotion given by this competition is incredible,” he said.

“Italy have been involved almost all times, other countries want to be involved more frequently and giving more hope to other countries is crucial.

“I think about what I experienced as a kid and it’s a shame that other children can’t do it today. In this divided world, it’s important to have more chances to be united and do sport together. Right now, the best players play in the best leagues, and all the other are excluded.”

Infantino also urged Italian authorities to name the Stadio Olimpico after Paolo Rossi and made Juventus fans unhappy with a claim over the Bianconeri, Inter and Fiorentina.

31 Comments on “‘Be serious’ Infantino reacts to Italy’s 2022 World Cup recall”

  1. I dont care about women too… Modt of us dont… But why dream to bring italy instead of another asian side

  2. I think It should take their frustration at not making the World Cup this year and use it as motivation the next time the qualifiers come around. We just have to do what we’re supposed to do, what we’re expected to do and we’ll make it next time. As simple as that.

  3. @Azzurro Fan You mean like how they took the frustration of not making the last WC into the qualifiers this time around? Lol

  4. AP, no but they can into consideration that they are european champions, molested England in the final and still are one of the most sucessfull national teams World wide. So go and watch balett

  5. Need to get italythat wild card in place of iran or serbia, why Infantino not see this possible to do

  6. “When we discuss a World Cup held every two years, it’s because the emotion given by this competition is incredible.”

    Yeah, and guess why the emotion given by it is incredible? Because it’s only happening every four years. Now go ahead and destroy that incredible emotion. Seriously, how stupid is this guy?

  7. For a start, North Macedonia are ahead of Italy, given that they beat them in a play-off. Be serious.

  8. WC every 2 years is a ridiculous idea. It would no longer be special. This is another profiteering scam by The MaFIFA…

  9. “When we discuss a World Cup held every two years, it’s because the emotion given by this competition is incredible” – Yeah, because it’s every 4 years instead of every day.

  10. Italy haven’t qualified, end of story. It is painful but can we please move on and stop clinging to these ridiculous stories. And forza moggi clean your mouth out and don’t paint all men with your disgraceful views

  11. @Samy Ibrahom, I wonder if England fans will cheer “It’s coming home!” this time round.

  12. Who cares if the 6th ranked Euro champions are not at the world cup? Who cares if Poland only had to play 1 game instead of 2? Who cares how many people died in Qatar building the stadiums? Or that fact that FIFA was bribed to put the world cup there in the first place. This circus is going to make a ton of money and that is what truly matters. But hey I will watch the entertainment and so will you.

  13. IF Iran are kicked out then their spot should be given to Ukraine. I know it should really go to an Asian team but it would be a nice gesture. Their playoff with Scotland has already been postponed until June. Scotland and Wales can play off for the remaining spot.

  14. “When we discuss a World Cup held every two years, it’s because the emotion given by this competition is incredible,” he said.

    What a load of boll0x lol

    You want to double your income. Nothing more than that.

  15. If Iran is ousted and they should be, that place needs to got o Italy mainly because Swiss coach bragged about sending gifts to N. Ireland with a tank you note “Than k you for helping to eliminate Italy” Talk about impropriety. That’s like I put too much salt and peppa on my Sunday brunch spaghetti’s and meatballs platter and then I half turn to the parakeet with, “You know what I think I put too much salt and pepp “ah!”

  16. It will be so exciting for football lovers if the world cup can hold every two or three years!

  17. @Rashed the only reason why Italy’s name is in these talks is because they’re the highest rank team not to make the tournament. Please know your facts before saying anything.

  18. Iran should be replaced by a country from that continent, why should a European country replace Iran. Europe already have a big slot in the competition. The best runner up I Iran,s group should get its place.

  19. FIFA needs money to run this beautiful tournament. Every 2 years FIFA WC is super. Talented footballers would be notified every 2 years before they sustain long period of injuries

  20. Why is Fifa appointment so unfair to Africa. Thirteen European countries already in the world cup. Every one should be treated equal.

  21. Can’t do special favors no matter the calibre of the team. They didn’t qualify that’s that. It’s makes more sense that the replacement team come from the same region as the sanctioned team. A world cup every 2 years is beyond rediculous because it will take away from the uniqueness of the event and not to mention sheer logistics of hosting a world cup, that is now bloated with more teams, will be a nightmare to pull off.

  22. Infantino should be serious, how can you you replace an Asian team with an European team just because of rankings. Another Asian team should replace Iran in the worse case scenario. The world cup is already flooded with European countries just so they can win but they mostly lose against south American countries.

  23. Why Iran should be banned?! That’s simply PATHETIC, the reason alleged is simply ridiculous. Anyway, Italy won’t make it, forget about that.

  24. ‘The world cup is already flooded with European countries just so they can win but they mostly lose against south American countries.’

    Well… not exactly what has been going on since… 2002… LOL…

  25. What are the ranks for?
    Why every two years,when there is European Cup, formerly nations cup?
    I think Infantino is living in utopia land not Italy

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