Barone: ‘We offered Antognoni an important role, the attack on Commisso wasn’t nice’

by | Jul 18, 2021 14:12

Fiorentina CEO Joe Barone responded to the comments of Giancarlo Antognoni. ‘We have offered a very important role to Giancarlo, the attack on Commisso wasn’t nice’.

Former club manager Antognoni slammed the treatment from the directors and the owner of Fiorentina after his farewell and Barone has responded to his comments.

Antognoni on Fiorentina farewell: ‘I have never seen such a thing’

“We are calm, we are here to work for the championship,” Barone said, according to “The team doesn’t need distractions from the championship, the coach is the most important thing.

“I’m sorry to read these words, the us of friendships from the past. We have offered a very important job to Giancarlo, we are sorry that he didn’t accept because it’s a super important role, that is to discover the talents for the future at Fiorentina.

“The attack on the owner Commisso wasn’t nice, because Rocco did everything, I don’t think he should apologise or call anyone. He made some very nice comments publicly, all the time, so I don’t think he should call anyone.

“Giancarlo has Rocco’s number, he could call him, but the most important thing right now is the team and Fiorentina.

“Giancarlo is a symbol of Fiorentina, everything he did on the pitch. We didn’t throw him out, it was his decision. Nobody ever told him to leave, let’s think about the retreat.”

Barone was asked why Antognoni was only offered a job in the youth sector and not with the first team.

“Because, with an investment of €87m in the sports centre, we are aiming at the self-made player, who grows at home, we believed that a person like Giancarlo has and had the right confidence that he could manage the technical part of the youth sector.

“However, he didn’t accept it. Giancarlo would have seen the training, the growth of the players, he would have gone to the games of football teams all over Italy to observe players who could have arrived.

“I think that scouting in the youth sector would have been important too, as for the economic aspect, I would not like to talk about it, but it was a good offer of great responsibility.

“We are not here to create controversy, I love Giancarlo, he was always with me every day, he made his decision, we are sorry, he will always be part of Fiorentina.

“He made his story on the pitch, but now I ask everyone to think about the team. That’s the most important thing, not to disrespect Rocco Commisso, because he has already shown a lot.”

Joe Barone


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