Barcelona are furious with referee Slavko Vincic after his poor officiating in their 1-0 Champions League loss to Inter and they’re ready to report him to UEFA, reports highlight.



The Blaugrana feel deeply aggrieved after their frustrating loss to the Nerazzurri yesterday, believing the referee’s work had a serious outcome on the match. Coach Xavi’s anger was visible when speaking to the media after the match, suggesting that “there is no word for this other than an outrage.”

As reported by Radio Catalunya, Barcelona are ready to report referee Vincic, drawing attention to a number of incidents in the match that were poorly handled. The result of this match could be key in determining which teams progress to the knock-out stages of the competition.

The incidents in particular include Pedri’s ruled off goal, Denzel Dumfries’ apparent handball in the penalty area and Hakan Calhanoglu’s seemingly dangerous challenge on Sergio Busquets, incidents that Barcelona feel should’ve been picked up by the VAR. 

11 thought on “Barcelona taking action after poor officiating in loss to Inter – report”
  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Vincic got his uefa refereeing role through cronyism on the part of Ceferin at uefa!

    Ceferin went and appointed his good friend pavlica as head of safety in stadiums despite no relevant experience or even a proper interview process! That resulted in the farce that was the champ league final in paris, and vincic’s officiating is really not much better!

  2. That’s rich coming from Barcelona, they need to look at how they have gained so many favourable decisions over the years.

  3. Guess the shoe is on the other foot now. They’ve been systematically abetted for years. Not their place to be whining.

  4. Yes the refereeing wasn’t great, but Barcelona have always been very bad losers. Take a look at a re run of their CL semi final second leg v Chelsea in 2012.

  5. Poor losers, suffering as daddyEUFA isn’t helping you anymore since you’re in SuperLeague.
    Next time be less greedy and don’t bite the hand of your corrupt masters , that you were happily serving for years. Go back to your daddy, say sorry and get your favours back. maybe they give you a Messi back as well.
    Otherwise, feel how it feels to be normal and to win on your own.

  6. LOL gump 2 ^^^ talking about Shaolin. I bet she wished her 7/9 played with lightening quick kung fu speed. As fans of football Barca needs to be taken to a tribunal for boring me with side to side and more side to side outdated tika taka with no end product. But at least their version is easier on the eyes when compared to zombie apocalypse black hole coma calcio under cowboy Max.

  7. “But at least their version is easier on the eyes when compared to zombie apocalypse black hole coma calcio under cowboy Max.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Lord Allegri you are funnier that a lot of articles here. Way to go my friend! Fino alla finanza!

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