Barcelona not giving up in quest to sign De Ligt

Barcelona are considering signing Juventus defender Matthijs De Ligt in next summer’s transfer window.

The 22-year-old Dutch centre back seems destined to leave the Bianconeri in the near-future, with his agent Mino Raiola recently stating that he was ready for the next step of his career.

As reported by Sport, Barcelona are seriously interested in the idea of signing De Ligt but would need to wait until next summer, as the deal would be practically impossible to pull off in next month’s transfer window due to his large salary.

The player would cost less than his €120m release clause, being told this by Raiola in recent days following a meeting in Turin. Juventus would be open to a sale as it would allow them to invest more heavily in a new striker.

Barcelona are now coming up with a plan to try and pull off the deal, with the departure of Philippe Coutinho seeming like the most probable way of facilitating the transfer.

9 Comments on “Barcelona not giving up in quest to sign De Ligt”

  1. The smart move is for Juve to resist offers for him, because when Bonucci and Chiellini retire or leave there will be a defensive struggle in which they will have no choice but to throw copious amounts of money at or risk losing that reliable back line which has helped them dominate Italy for the last decade.

  2. I think he is not so impressive as Juve thought at first
    Sale at best price like his release clause will be acceptable so Juve kan reinvest in another area
    For backline, Juve have more than enough talent in primavera or if they need to buy they can buy another player with cheaper cost

  3. sell him and get vlahovic and isco we don’t need more defenders since allegri plays eveyone in defense anyways

  4. My thoughts exactly @ pro Juve

    Of course, he could improve and become another Chiellini by this time next season. You never know.

  5. Thankfully this is a football Italia invention and not something juve are actually considering. Juve don’t sell blue chip CBs to invest in a “forward”. Partly because a solid D has ALWAYS been at the forefront of their DNA and b) they’re not stupid enough like FI would suggest to sell said blue chip stud CB when all Juve would have to backfill on D would be 2 guys approaching retirement. Believe that’s why they got said blue chip stud some years ago???? What stupidity.

  6. Would be happy if De Ligt stays but not if we are going to have listen to these rumours every year.
    Chiesa & Locatelli are the only ones to get really worked up about.
    I might put up a fight for Kean, Pellegrini & Kaio Jorge.

  7. Really bad idea for Juve to sell. Chiellini is nearly retired, Bonucci is not young. There are NO young defenders at Juve and Demiral was sold off.
    If De Ligt goes, who are the defenders?
    Never sell in Jan, and in the summer they need a very good price to sell him.
    if the plan for 2022 is Chiellini-Bonucci, the management are insane

  8. But juve have Dragusin and I think he can be good soon, so would accept something about 100mln for de ligt

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