Inter defender Alessandro Bastoni has been subjected to threats of death and violence by Barcelona fans online after the Champions League match.

The 1-0 home victory was decided by a Hakan Calhanoglu strike, but the aftermath was dominated by controversy over a Denzel Dumfries handling offence that was not considered enough for a VAR on-field review in stoppages.

Barca coach Xavi Hernandez dubbed it an “outrage and injustice,” while the Spanish media have been fuming all day about the incident.

Some have, as usual, taken it much too far and have been sending violent, threatening messages via social media to Inter defender Bastoni.

They sent them via his partner, Camilla Bresciani, who published some of the messages with the comment: “How disgusting are you?”

Among them, the messages promised to break Bastoni’s legs and ensure he never played football again or to simply aim a gun at him and fire.

It is not a good atmosphere being created for when Inter travel to Barcelona for the return fixture at Camp Nou on Wednesday October 12.

10 thought on “Barcelona fans send death threats to Inter defender Bastoni”
  1. Well, great to se UEFALONA fans getting some of their medicins! More obvious decesions were denied over the past years!

  2. Who are these people? Spending their time actually contacting footballers online? Pathetic!

    Bastoni has been playing like he’s half dead anyway! Parking the bus and the ref saved him and his mates!

  3. Spanish football has robbed championships for a Long time including WC againat netherlands and Euro against italy along with ucl via real Madrid. Are these people kidding bunch of morons and their crappy la Liga and players.

  4. ^^^^

    When did Spain rob Italy of a Euro? You mean back in 2012 when they thumped us 4-0 in the Final?


  5. The second leg will be even more disappointing for them and Bayern will field their B team in the match against Inter to make sure Barca doesn’t go through Lol.

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