Banning racist fans might not be so easy in Italy

by | Oct 14, 2021 19:46

According to Il Mattino newspaper, Serie A clubs will find it difficult to ban supporters for racist insults because of privacy laws.

All agree that not enough is done to combat racism in stadiums and more clubs want the power to identify and ban those individuals who are guilty.

However, the complex set of Italian laws might make that difficult to enforce.

The Lega Serie A discussed a joint effort from all the clubs to ban an individual from every stadium once he has been found guilty of racially abusing a player.

According to Il Mattino, they soon realised that was easier said than done, as privacy laws effectively bar the clubs from sharing information about an individual.

There is a banning order for all sporting events called a Daspo, given by the local authorities, but that can take time and is usually imposed for violence rather than racism, which is harder to prove.

Surveillance cameras are now installed in stadiums, but they make it easier to identify someone who is throwing an item rather than be precise about what he said.

It’s reported the Serie A clubs decided to come back and discuss it in future, but at the first sign of a racist incident in the crowd, all the sides will release a joint statement condemning racism.

Kalidou Koulibaly Fabian Ruiz



    Undercover fans who can get close and record these morons is probably the best way to identify and ban them. Fines and stadium closures are the biggest waste of time ever.

    But, as with everything in Italy, expect changes to be made sometime late this century.

  2. Vittorio

    How about we also ban prople of color who instigate reverse racism as well. Or are there never any people of color who say or exhibit racist behavoir toward white Europeans?

  3. Vittorio


    Are you implying that people of color never say or exhibit racist behaviir toward whites?

    Are you denying that reverse racidm exists or are you simply expressing the politically correct mantra of the day?

  4. Feroli

    @Vittorio – c’mon. That’s not what is being discussed here. And you know it. Have there ever been instances of monkey noises from the crowd every time a white skinned Italian player touches the ball? Of course all racism is unacceptable but you are trying to make it as if there is an issue with large groups of black men booing white footballers every time they touch a football – just because they are white! It’s quite obvious which way the racism is targeted in Italian football stadiums and your mealy mouthed comments just contribute to it and excuse it.

  5. Vittorio


    The fact remains that people of color can and do exhibit racist behaviors as well. Simply because overt acts of reverse racism might not occur to the same degree that overt acts of racism by a few whites towards black players occur DOES NOT disprove the fact that blacks express racist behaviors as well.

    This narrative on race must include the facts about reverse racism or it is simply an exercise in progressive propaganda groupthink.

    People of color can express racist or bigoted sentiments towards whites. I, having directly experienced this as well toward my white Italian ethnicity.

    Reverse racism exists and must remain part of the discussion about racism.

  6. Vittorio


    My “mealy mouth” comments actually contribute to an honest discussion on racism.

    Simply referring to my comments in a deragatory way adds nothing of value to the discussion.

    Start thinking critically and move away from the groupthink mentality.

    Reverse racism exists. Please prove otherwise.

  7. ForzaDB


    Racism is not one way, neither for or against a particular group, hence the concept of reverse racism is ignorant in itself.

    Anyone can be abused by another person and experience prejudice or racism.

    Just because the ‘narrative on race’ doesn’t dress up the way you like, does not mean we are all tools for propaganda.



    Where exactly did I imply that?

  9. Dan

    @ Vittorio

    I think its just racism whichever way you look at it, don’t think i’ve heard of a term reverse racism if its a non-caucasian being racist towards a caucasian. Its just racism period irrespective of who is being racist to who, it just needs to be stopped.

  10. dan

    The main issue in a majority Caucasian/European nation if racism towards minorities and not the other way around. Of course, racism is racism as defined but it’s like saying whoa sexism against men, sure it exists but on a much smaller scale. We tackle large issues and the smaller ones trickle away.

  11. Vittorio


    The concept of reverse racism is actually quite helpful especially as the narrative on race relatiobs is focused in one direction.

    The fact remains that the narrative on racism is conveniently one way. Im not the one who decided and insists that it remain this way.

    Just becsuse you may disagree with the validity of the term reverse racism does not expunge the fact that peopke of color have and do express racist behavior toward whites and white Europeans.

    Racism expressed in the other direction, hence in reverse, exists.
    The narrative needs to change, otherwise it’s just propaganda.

  12. FERBAN


    So where exactly did I imply that?

  13. Vittorio


    Your proposal includes spying on fan behavior by clubs hiring
    Undercover “fans” to make reports of racist behabior to the clubs hiring for those spying services.

    2. One can infer that you are implying that the alleged racist behavior pertains to white fans insulting players of color.

    3. The question I posed to you essentially asks if your suggestedvpolicy of spying on fans to detect alleged racist behavior akso includes situations when players of color instigate or fabricate instances of reverse racism or race baiting.

    4. Is your proposal to be applied universally or only targeted toward white fans and club supporters?

  14. Vittorio


    You make a very good point. One that I am trying to have others express as you did quite well. Namely, a majority white, European society in which a person of color may live and work may have people who exhibit racist behavior to the minority of color. This, as you state is the major issue at hand. You make a good and fair point. Please allow me to explain where I have disdain with the current race relations narrative.

    My disdain with the current narrative is expressed within your second point, to which I respectfully disagree. Namely, the lesser occurrances of racist bigotry toward white Europeans by people of color is becoming exponentially more visible here in the US and in Europe and globally.

    This lesser ocurance will not, in my opinion and based on statements and actions observed by people of color, will NOT simply subside and go away. Actually, I am arguing the point that there is an underlying current of frustration by whites and white Europeans that are more openly expressisng resentment toward the demonization of them by people of color.

    Frustrations are brewing within white populations of which reverse racism is a cause.

  15. FERBAN


    The 4th part of you answer is the one you should have asked in the first place.

    One can’t “infer” at all from what I said, that I was suggesting that. You first implied it, then inferred it yourself just to back up your own original statement, rather than going off anything I said.

    So what EXACT words did I use in the opening comment? Here it is again:

    “Undercover fans who can get close and record these morons is probably the best way to identify and ban them.”

    Let me know what EXACT words are in it showing where I implied and inferred what you said I did. Show me the real words, now, mind …

  16. BOSS

    VITTORIO … has left the building lol

  17. EL CID


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