Adana Demirspor striker Mario Balotelli half-jokingly offered himself to Milan and admitted Jose Mourinho made him ‘laugh out loud’ often.

The 33-year-old Italian striker left FC Sion in a rather acrimonious fashion earlier this month and returned to Turkey, penning a one-year contract with an option for a second with Adana.

Last season, Balotelli netted six goals in 18 league appearances in Switzerland, and some fans hoped he’d return to Serie A after deciding to leave Sion recently.

Speaking to TVPlay via, Balotelli was first asked about Milan’s search for a new centre forward.

“Here I am. Milan’s problem is that the young players you sign then have to deal with San Siro, which is not a stadium like any other, you need players with personality.”

He gave his thoughts on Stefano Pioli and Rafael Leao’s contributions to Milan.

“I like Pioli, but if Leao isn’t good Milan do very little. If Leao has a bad day, it’s difficult for Milan to win.”

The Italian veteran discussed his relationship with now-Roma coach Mourinho, who worked with the striker at Inter.

“Mourinho has never been a coach with a great game. He is more charismatic, he gives you grit and competitive malice. He has his ideas about the game, but he doesn’t go too much for tactics. Mou has a good character, he’s special.

“He made me laugh out loud. There were also clashes, but he motivated you. He brought out the best and the worst in you. That Inter I played for was a squad of 25 phenomena.”

He then touched on the Portuguese coach’s work with the Giallorossi.

“Mourinho arrived at Roma and won the Conference League, but he is a coach who always wins. And it is something you have to have inside. You cannot always attack Mourinho, he is unassailable. Even Mancini had the squad and he, however, did not win like Mou.”

Balotelli was amused at the suggestion that he join Inter following Marko Arnautovic’s injury, becoming the fourth-string option.

“The eighth choice maybe! I’m happy at Adana.”

Finally, Balotelli refused to rule out a possible move to Saudi Arabia.

“If the project works, I too will go in a few years.”

4 thought on “Balotelli jokes about Milan return and Mourinho relationship”
  1. give him a chance to play for the national team he has more talent and a rocket shot that we lack he is physcially strong espially england game having him on the bench is like having a extra tank

  2. We need mario he still has a lot oof energy an talent to excicute his game in scoring. We want mario back. His rocket shot is still powerful. We want to see mario back.

  3. We do not need Mario at all. Keep him as far away from the national team and Milan, he can stay in Switzerland or turkey or where ever he was sacked from and moved too! The guys 33 years old and still doing the nonsense he was doing before. He has learnt nothing and proved time after time he can not be trusted at the highest levels.
    Also “we” implies there is a calling for his return, there isn’t!
    The lack of quality in Italy is the fault of teams travelling far and wide to bring in cheap players from all over the globe. Cap non Italians to 5 per team and in 10 years we will have youngsters ready to play at the highest levels.

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