Mario Balotelli has been thrust into controversy yet again after accusing the Swiss Football Association of being corrupt.

The 32-year-old Italian forward joined Swiss side FC Sion in the summer in a deal worth around €2.62m. Life started fairly well in Switzerland for Balotelli, who scored four goals in his first eight league games, but he’s also been involved in a few controversial moments, such as when he was filmed by a fan seemingly staggering out of a nightclub. 

Writing on his Instagram story today, Balotelli responded to the announcement that he’d received a suspension for showing the middle finger to the FC Basel fans in yesterday’s 0-0 draw. 

“Swiss federation, I don’t know what kind of mafia you are involved in, but players like me are not proud to play in a league in which injustice, corruption and incompetence reign supreme. 

“Football is a job and we must all take it seriously, including referees. I absolutely do not care what you are used to; you absolutely must change and the whole world must see the shameful way in which this league behaves. 

“I made a mistake and I will pay for it. The Federation made a mistake? It should pay… Did the referee make a mistake? He too must pay!” 

The 32-year-old Balotelli signed a two-year contract with FC Sion, which expires in June 2024. He was frustrated against FC Basel after not receiving a free kick and he decided to show the middle finger to the jeering supporters whilst getting up. 

3 thought on “Balotelli hits out at Swiss FA: ‘Injustice, corruption and incompetence reign supreme’”
  1. What a train wreck this guy is. Drama follows him everywhere he goes. Will be nice when he finally retires and we won’t have to read about his off field antics anymore.

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