Baggio on Super League: ‘Football needs change’

by | Sep 9, 2021 20:30

Former Italy star Roberto Baggio said ‘football needs change’ when asked about the Super League project, but stressed ‘we must never forget that it belongs to the people’.

The Super League project sent shockwaves throughout the world of football and fans across Europe protested the decision of the 12 founding clubs.

And the project collapsed in no time, but three clubs have remained attached to the project – as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Baggio’s former club Juventus won’t give up changing the game.

“I think football needs a change. It’s indisputable,” Baggio told Revista Libero when asked about the topic. “The speed with which the project collapsed, however, must make us think.

“To navigate towards new horizons, with new projects, we need capable men, with already consolidated experience.

“I would be disappointed if we missed the opportunity to build something necessary, because the world changes, people change and TV changes too.

“That said, in any process aimed at improving something existing, the only thing that matters is that it can benefit everyone and not just those who thought about it.

“We have to create a culture of sport, therefore also of football, but we must never forget that it belongs to the people.”

epa04379951 Former soccer players (L-R) Argentinian Javier Zanetti, Italians Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero pose for photographers before the Interreligious 'Match for Peace' at the Olimpico Stadium in Rome, Italy, 01 September 2014. The match has been organised by Pope Francis upon the pope's appeals for an end to conflicts around the world. EPA/CLAUDIO PERI


  1. Juventino hrv

    Well said

  2. Jon

    Too right Robby , absolute legend.
    Hits the nail on the head, needs to benefit everyone but not a few elite clubs.

    A four division euroleague made up of all uefa participants would work for me

  3. Dan

    Yep definitely correct. Spot on.

    On another note, what a great shot of three world class legends together!

  4. Joseph

    I cant See how people can bless UEFA so much?? It is not the UN!! UEFA and FIFA is two dirty mobsters who run football in this world. They say ”no to rasicsm” every 10 years and abracadabra the UEFA is a ”We are the world” company… I dont understand how people can be so blind…

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