Arthur: ‘Ronaldo used to criticise our diet at Juventus’

Arthur revealed Cristiano Ronaldo’s dietary concerns at Juventus and he suggested that Lionel Messi is ‘predestined.’

Ronaldo spent three years of his career with the Bianconeri from 2018 to 2021, leaving in the final days of last summer’s transfer window in order to return to Manchester United. He was a consistent and lethal goalscorer for the Bianconeri, but he failed to pick up his sixth Champions League title in Turin, a frustrating result for the Portuguese star.

Speaking to TNT Sport, Arthur first revealed how Ronaldo used to criticise the food choices of his teammates sometimes at Juventus.

“We used to sit together at the table and sometimes he would look at our plates and say: ‘This is not what you should be eating.’”

The Brazilian midfielder then gave his thoughts on Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar, who has been much criticised recently following his disappointing performance against Real Madrid.

“He’s a genius, he can take pressure like few others. He is a pure talent and he grew a lot when he arrived in Europe. The more pressure he gets, the better the game.”

Finally, Arthur lauded PSG star Messi, who has also been the target of criticism following the French side’s elimination from the Champions League.

“Sometimes I have the feeling that God has pointed his finger at Messi to make him a predestined. He does incredible things on the pitch. He is a great professional, he works hard and has a more reserved life, unlike Cristiano or Neymar, perhaps because of his personality.”

Arthur has had a difficult season with Juventus under Massimiliano Allegri, only playing 721 minutes of Serie A action. He was reportedly close to leaving the club in the January transfer window before Allegri ruled out a departure.

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