Juventus would make a capital gain on Dejan Kulusevski if Arsenal were to offer at least €25m for the Sweden international in January.

Sky Sport Italia transfer pundit Gianluca Di Marzio reported this evening that Arsenal had contacted Juve for Kulusevski after discovering Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovic’s agents won’t even take their calls.

The former Atalanta and Parma man is on the market, having fallen down the pecking order at Juve since Max Allegri’s arrival on the bench.

The Bianconeri paid €35m to sign Kulusevski in January 2020, plus performance-related bonuses.

Arsenal contact Juventus for Kulusevski after Vlahovic snub

An analysis of the latest Juventus financial statement shows how much weight each individual player has on the club’s balance sheet.

It is easy from there to calculate the minimum transfer fee to avoid making a net loss on the player.

Kulusevski would be sold at a capital gain for anything over €25m, although Juventus would more than likely command far more for the 21-year-old, especially if the buyer is a Premier League club.

He has just one goal and one assist in 15 games for Juventus this season between Serie A and the Champions League.

8 thought on “Arsenal must pay Juventus at least €25m for Kulusevski”
  1. Typical Allegri and Juventus for not trusting youth. They cannot even sell players at profit. Madrid, Chelsea and Inter never let players go unless they get the full value. Fagioli and Rovella better start looking for teams that will give them a break.

  2. Another young player with talent ruined by Juve. As a Milan fan we are now accustomed to a younger squad playing regularly. This is the way forward for Italian football. Unfortunately Juventus and Inter won’t realise this until its to late. Until then they will carry on spending money they don’t possess on big name players just their for a payday. What Milan Atalanta and Sassuolo are doing is brave and good for young Italian players with aspirations of playing for the Azzurri. It’s win, win. I would hate to be a Juve or Inter supporter. Must be heart breaking seeing the club you love self destruct in archaic football business models. The style of football Juve currently play is as dated as there footballing business model which is ironic. Don’t get me wrong. I may be a Milan fan but I’m Italian also and know its good for Italian football to have a strong, successful Juventus and Inter. They need to get there houses in order or continue dying this death by a thousand cuts.

  3. This management is getting more and more stupid from time to time

    Started from paratici era and now cherubini, really disappointed with the mercato performance

    Guys like kulu and weston, with their age and potential, only labelled in cheap price, surely attracting many clubs to come

    If they are near 30s maybe that will be more make sense

    Instead, players like berna/ramsey/alex sandro/rabiot still in surplus requirements (they are all more logic to be sold than kulu and weston)

  4. Take it and run. An overrated ox. We will still be waiting for him to “fulfil his potential” in ten years…he doesn’t have potential, and he will never become a great player. I agree 100% with all the comments about young players. We should be developing them more. But he was mistakenly thought of as a young talent, and he is not one. Fagioli, Rovella, they can come back. But this guy needs to leave. Best of luck.

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