The use of falsified capital gains was something well understood at Juventus, admitted by CEO Maurizio Arrivabene in an intercepted text message.  

Corriere della Sera details how the Bianconeri CEO seemingly confirmed that the club’s financial department were well aware of the usage of falsified capital gains, texting an unknown person: “They have become experts at playing tricks there by now.”

Fabio Paratici has been widely accused of abusing these practices in this case, with sporting director Federico Cherubini and his ‘black book’ being central parts of the investigation. Paratici, who is now working with Antonio Conte at Tottenham, was only one gear in the machine, however.

The abuse of falsified capital gains was something that president Andrea Agnelli was fully aware of, as was Exor CEO John Elkann. The latter was also aware of the club’s disastrous financial accounts and the manoeuvres implemented to try and remedy the situation. 

Juventus have also been accused of secretly paying players salaries. During the early stages of the COVID pandemic, the club announced that four months’ worth of wages had been waived, but secretly they signed agreements to pay players three months’ of these. 

4 thought on “Arrivabene on capital gains: ‘Juventus experts at playing tricks there’”
  1. Please drop the investigation immediately. I don’t think I can stand another 15 years of the whining, victimised and trying to blame everyone else.

  2. Context is very much missing in this wiretapped message. It is deliberately published to create public opinion and steer the final verdict. Is it like calciopoli? Yes, it is.

  3. There will be no investigation. The real power lies with Elkann and he knew his beloved Wendy’s were up to no good. At least this type of scandal has not reached the CL as the 1/6 are still 3 million light years away from ever achieving it. Now they can continue to flip burgers and believe their 38 haul was all above board.

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