Maurizio Arrivabene has confirmed Juventus’ decision to part ways with Paulo Dybala once his contract expires at the end of this season.

The 28-year-old Argentinian forward will not be signing a contract renewal with the club, meaning that his seven-year association with the Bianconeri will be drawing to a close in June. He reportedly reached a verbal agreement with the Turin side last October before things went quiet.

As collected by TuttoMercatoWeb, Arrivabene discussed Dybala’s departure in an interview earlier this evening.

“The most important change is that Juventus have not renewed Paulo Dybala’s contract. With the market I reiterated this, the approach was sincere.

“With the purchases made in January, with the arrival of Vlahovic, Paulo’s position was no longer at the centre of the project. That’s why this kind of decision was preferred.

“The parameters were different, I had already spoken about it, no one has ever questioned Paulo’s ability. There were considerations to be made about appearances, length and financial considerations.

“We made our choices in January, we got here. It would have been easy for Juventus to make a low bid, but it would have been disrespectful towards Paulo. The decision is made. Today’s meeting was friendly, clear and respectful.”

The 28-year-old Dybala now has a few months to plan his future ahead of his departure in June. He has been heavily linked with a move to Inter, but a transfer to Spain or England cannot be ruled out either, with clubs like Barcelona and Tottenham also reportedly keen on his signature.

Dybala has scored 13 goals and provided six assists in 29 appearances across all competitions so far this season.

31 thought on “Arrivabene confirms Dybala departure, ‘We made our choice in January’”
  1. LOL so the management of Piemonte Calcio kept raving that the contract will be discussed “next week” for months, kept postponing the meeting and then withdrawed their agreed verbal contract?

    And now they claim it was decided in January?! AHAHAHAHAHAHHA Calcio comedy

    Arrivabene integrated quickly, seems on pair with the club`s values!

  2. God damn it. Give him what he deserves. Juventus have too many average Serie A players and few worldstars. Replacing him would cost 60-80 mill. Why argue over a few mill.?

  3. Dybala is fantastic but the harsh reality is that whenever Juve has really needed him to step up, he has either gone missing or been in the treatment room. Villareal last week the latest in a long line of examples

  4. Bye paulo, good luck and thank you for everythinh, unfortunately last 4 seasons you were not able to play crucial champions games, they decided not to wait for you anymore. Bye!

  5. Dybala took away about 70 millions from juventus pocket when refused to move to tottenham, and now he still wanted to take 10 millions from club which he loves? Its enough of these lies. He maybe not understood never what it means to wear no10 at Juve. We deserve to have one which to be proud of and feel that we have real star especially in champions league. And this kid is ways in hospital, here is not children garden where we want to take care of our beloved La Joya

  6. @Jack this is not English Premier League. Napoli cannot afford him nor can Milan. Inter is his only option in Italy and his step father Marotta will make it happen. Now go eat your fish and chips.

  7. I’m sorry, but he’s not available for the Champions League for 3 seasons and he’s hurting the team. There is no justification for paying 11 million for a player who barely plays.

  8. Dybala problem is fixed now, and still much work to do need to throw out or sell Rabiot, Ramsey and than most importantly to change fokin polish keeper for anything, totaly no matter who, just change for anyone…

  9. Dybala has nothing to prove in Italy. Moving to Inter would be a step down for him. He will move abroad to a new challenge either at Barca or the EPL. Unfortunately, as a number 10 he never matched the consistent big game brilliance of Platini, Baggio and Del Piero, and at 28 and injury prone, he is not likely to.

  10. Decision not to renew dybala is a good decision both economically and not consistent.always injured

  11. Frankie I never expected Beppe to go to Inter. Vidal is old so that was no issue. But nobody knows what has gone behind the scenes. If I were Dybala, I would avoid the EPL as it is too physical for his injury record. Spain is a good bet but with Inter he would have a point to prove and with the Argentine connections (Zanetti + Lautaro) he could be reborn even if he manages only 17 games per year lol.

  12. not surprised. His attitude and injuries are hurting the team. Putting a cap of 7M is a good is choice. These days, players play for money and not for the club. Paulo is inconsistent. If he goes to printer, this will mean no regrets loosing him at all. When comparing to Alex DP10… you can’t compare him to a legend. Alex was seire A top scorer along with Trezeguet, he’s a consistent team leader and never got into forcing extraordinary salary. Dybala is not worth 8M a season. Chiesa, Cuadrado, Vlahovic all earn less but do better. Even Morata had a better play than Dybala.

  13. We’re basically paying 1m per goal, that’s a crazy return rate. Sorry but this is the right decision. Now he can go to Inter and Juve can laugh.

  14. I thought that the Villareal game (and any subsequent UCL quarter final) would be the last chance for Dybala to prove his worth. And guess what, he was injured yet again and Juve are out! Simply, his injury record is TERRIBLE and the club are right to send him away. No serious Champions League club can carry a guy who is injured 4 years in a row. Nice left foot when he gets some time and space, but that simply isn’t enough,

  15. It all comes down to way to many injuries and showing way to little when we where playing the big dogs in Europe.
    Good player but never a leader.

  16. Reading the comments in FI is a scream
    It’s like Joe Rockhead of the Sopranos doing psycho metric evaluations of The Three Stooges.

    Once could actually bang up a fabulous screenwriter with this materielle. Dybala is the antihero in the children garden where we want to take care of our beloved La Joya, Arrivabene is the villian cigarette saleman, and we’re outside the matrix peering in.

  17. I think he’ll go to atletico but Chelsea Tottenham and inter are possibilities. Maybe even Bayern. He’s too good to lose on a free

  18. @Bianconero

    He didnt wanted to earn juve 70mln 2 years ago because he loves club very much so no we let him for free, its real hero of juve… Unbielievable little fagot

  19. Yes some prof. footballers are spoiled young guys
    Yes they earn too much

    But Juve is nowhere right now!! do you see a TEAM on the pitch? Tried for 3 years changing manager and what have we got .. looks like another 3 years changing players coming up. It’s a freaking lottery.

    Dybala has been in Turin for 7 years – he could have gone anywhere during that period.

  20. Patron Saint, a director going to another club is a little different. If Dybala makes the foolish decision to go to Inter rather than abroad, it means that he has done it for some kind of vendetta against Juve which would reveal a poor character and prove, without a doubt, that Juve made the right decision to let him go.

  21. What surprises me the most is how quickly many Juve fans are suddenly hating on Dybala.

    I personally think that this saga is due to the poor handling of the negotiation. After all, Juve and Dybala did verbally agree on certain terms. The fact that Juve backed off from that offer was understandable. The fact that Dybala insisted on the same/similar terms is also understandable (considering how much Juve paid Rabiot and Ramsey who arguably contributed less). So, if he felt annoyed, who could blame him lol.

    I don’t know, I am not master of diplomacy but I just felt that considering the importance of the player, this could’ve dealt in a much better and respectful way. Now what we’re seeing is just both parties are trying to justify their stance and in turn painting the other party as the responsible for the communication breakdown. Luckily for you guys, this is an international break, so possibly all the drama would’ve already simmer down by the time everyone got back. But maybe that timing is also part of the plan.

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