Argentina squad to face Italy in Wembley Finalissima

by | May 20, 2022 19:28

The Argentina squad has been confirmed for the Finalissima clash with Italy at Wembley Stadium, including several Serie A-based players.

The match will take place in London on Wednesday June 1.

It is a one-off clash between the EURO 2020 victors Italy and Copa America holders Argentina, organised by UEFA and CONMEBOL as a form of World Super Cup.

Coach Lionel Scaloni has announced his squad for the European jaunt, including numerous Serie A players.

Inter strikers Lautaro Martinez and Joaquin Correa are both included, with Juventus forward Paulo Dybala and Atalanta goalkeeper Juan Musso.

Udinese pair Nahuel Molina and Nehuen Perez will also be involved.

Angel Di Maria is heavily linked with a move to Juventus, while PSG teammate Lionel Messi can also face Italy at Wembley Stadium.

There are also several former Serie A stars, such as Cristian Romero, Rodrigo De Paul, Papu Gomez and German Pezzella.

Argentina will be based in Bilbao and come together from May 24 to prepare for the trip to London.


  1. Azzurrofan

    Right now I feel that Argentina will win this game by at least 3 goals. I think not making the WC will carry repercussions with it and a rebuilding phase just like it did last time.

  2. ghost of Maradona

    italy will lose 3-0 and Mancini will step down.

  3. valderama

    even tho this world cup and FIFA are so corrupt, it is the last “traditional” world cup before it becomes a watered-down money grab joke in 2026.
    god it would of been nice see to Italy back representing as euro champs, like it shoulda been. missing it again is truly unforgiving shame as its way worse this time around as we had it in the bag twice… and failed at 3 other chances to seal a ticket to Qatar.
    it’ll be 12 years since they played at a world cup come 2026, if they even qualify.

  4. Jarod KNowles

    Looks like he ate a whole turkey or wants to. That homie lks hungry. Best we bring in the big gun-Balotelli. Or we can always just keep the 3 stooges, abbott & costello and wing it.


    I Balo is unavail as he even refuse to participate, one idea would be to have Mancio equip the players with shoulder rest cell holders so our players can run in circles and do real time selfies, only problem is what happens when suddenly

    the ball lands at Ciro’s feet!

    CI (in panic mode)
    porca miseria I have the ball, I have the ball, OMG what am I gonna do, what am I gonna do?

    Shoot! Shoot!

    CI aims for the net and it lands in his sisters lap seated behind the goalie

  6. joseph mifsud sollazzo

    shame again italy not playing for the world cup if we lose with argentina mancini has to step down he was lucky won the uro he is not a good coach mancini there are lots of players to choose in italy he didnt call like tonali calabria now he want to play them go coach inter the one you love

  7. Ermanno

    Wow some of the comments on here are brilliant. I’m slightly intimidated. I will do my best however to be witty and insightful. I was Mancini’s biggest fan Thank you for all you did but it’s time to hit the road pal , It’s like , what have you done for me lately dude ??? Just broke my heart in 1 million pieces. And we can blame Jorginho we can blame Berardi who scuffed wide open goal we can blame Immobile for being impotent . But you have to lay the blame at Mancini’s feet. For being so short sighted as to not start the younger strikers, bottom line . Bring in Carlo Ancelotti please … It’s a travesty we’re not in the World Cup it’s unforgivable

  8. InterFan75

    This will be beautiful friendly match, because I’m Argentina fan in WC and Italy in Euros. Lautaro and Correa against Barella and Bastoni. Can’t wait for this match. I hope they draw and go to extra time then to penalties. The only case I can see penalties without stress, any side who wins I’m happy.

  9. Joe del monte

    Should read: Argentina squad to spank Italy

  10. vito

    italy will put a new team on the field and win this game . they atways beat argentina even with maradona

  11. The One and Only

    Teams bunkered. We couldn’t score despite multitude of chances. It’s hardly the coaches fault that the strikers couldn’t bury one, that Jorginho messed up two opportunities. This is a top 3 team in the world. Mancini could be accused of being too loyal, but if he went with Scamacca or someone else from the beginning and the same result happens, then he’ll be blamed for going with a striker not fully integrated. We all want to place blame. How about where it really lies? No finish, poor penalties. Chances were there, and weren’t taken.

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