Are Roma fans right to dream of Ronaldo?

Rumours of a possible Cristiano Ronaldo move to Roma are engulfing the streets and phones of the Italian capital, but is a deal realistic?

Reports suggest that the 37-year-old Portuguese forward is unsure about moving forwards with Manchester United following a fairly painful return season. He was the standout star in the squad and there are many questions being asked ahead of Erik Ten Hag’s first game next season.

Many expect Ronaldo to leave the Red Devils and he’d likely have his pick of the litter around Europe in a search for a new club, leaving his future unclear.

This uncertainty has allowed a rumour to through the streets of Rome; various whispers have linked Roma with a possible move for Ronaldo and a voice note claiming to be from an insider suggests he’ll be unveiled on June 29, which has spread like wildfire amongst Giallorossi fans.

Many are rightly sceptical but others believe that if the arrival of Jose Mourinho shows the ambition of the American owners. Bookmakers are starting to weigh in on the rumours and they suggest that Roma are one of the favourites to sign the 37-year-old, giving them 2:1 and 2.5:1 odds.

Despite both the fans’ and now bookmakers’ belief, it seems incredibly hard to imagine Ronaldo joining Roma this summer as his hefty salary is obviously problematic and seems almost impossible for the Giallorossi to overcome.

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