Anti-vax players ‘should pay’ if they cause COVID outbreaks

by | Jul 23, 2021 18:00

A member of the FIGC Medical Commission insists players who refuse the COVID vaccine should ‘shoulder the moral and economic responsibility’ by paying for care if they cause an outbreak.

The Serie A season kicks off on August 21 and there are already COVID clusters developing at Spezia and Empoli, with Udinese and others complaining they have several ‘anti-vax’ players in their squad who are refusing to get the vaccine.

“Most of the squad members are vaccinated, at least with the first dose, and there are very few cases of players who are not vaccinated,” FIGC Medical Commission member Gianni Nanni told Radio Punto Nuovo.

“This is already a big step forward from last year.”

Clubs and medical staff insist they cannot force players to get the Coronavirus vaccine, although there are suggestions the Premier League in England will make the vaccination mandatory from October 1.

“The English model is very drastic, but also very effective. When faced with a pandemic, we need clear rules that are respected.

“I am not convinced it can be applied in Italy, as we cannot make a vaccine obligatory. We can, however, take other decisions.

“We could tell those who won’t get the vaccine that they must shoulder the responsibility and financial cost of any medical treatment that comes from their decision. If you spark an outbreak in a team, a business or a school, then you have to pay the economic consequences too.

“People are free to decide as they see fit, but must then also take the moral and economic responsibility for those decisions. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

The EU-recognised Green Pass will be used to allow fans into Serie A and B stadiums, but still only 50 per cent capacity will be allowed at first.

“I feel optimistic that with the Green Pass we can return to something approaching normal life. The only concern would be getting people in and out of the stadium, but with a little discipline, we can all get it done.

“With the Green Pass, the danger of contagion is almost reduced to zero.”

The Green Pass is an electronic certificate confirming someone has received two doses of the vaccine, has recovered from COVID in recent months or has provided a negative test within the last 48 hours.

It will also be used in Italy from next month to allow people into restaurants if they wish to sit down to eat.


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