Angel Di Maria sends Juventus fans into meltdown with Instagram like

by | May 13, 2022 17:04

Juventus fans keen to see Angel Di Maria don the black and white shirt next season were given a boost following his social media activity on Friday.

The Old Lady launched their new strip for 2022-23 and among those to ‘like’ the post on Instagram was Di Maria.

Some have taken to suggest this will mean he is going to wear the kit next season.

Di Maria is out of contract at Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season and has been heavily linked with a move to free-transfer specialists Juventus.

The Argentina international recently said he is unsure if the French champions want to keep him next term but that he wants to remain in Europe regardless.

Di Maria, 34, first moved to Europe in 2007 when he joined Benfica from Rosario Central. In 2010, he was signed by Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid, where he stayed for four seasons, winning the Champions League in his final appearance.

Following a difficult season with Manchester United, he moved to PSG where has been since 2015.


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  1. fino alla fine

    Di Maria for Dybala. Oh dear juve what has happened to you?


    nice job, but no more than 2 y contract. he and cuadrado can rotate because they are older, and would be great addition to attack with chiesa and vlahovic.

  3. jerm

    34yo. SMH



    Di Maria will still need to be vetted by PhD Max. Something tells me he might be too young, still a bit too quick and likes to go past his man. Not a good sign. With Project Dumbo the requirements are simple.

    1. Can you do the back, back, down, down.
    2. Can you walk around on a pitch. Anything above 1mph will send you into Medieval Max’s Ritiro.
    3. Can you handle the ball. In the penalty box would be gratefully rewarded, the Dutch Phil Jones style.

  5. NOrata

    Di Maria is more effective than Dybala and will be even when he’s 40. A 2 year contract is fine. I’m looking forward to many eating their words next year when Juve return to domination. I’d really like some of these PS5 experts to make some predictions, though, so they can be held to account. Some like Lord Loser Merchant Banker wouldn’t dare do so.

  6. Rob

    You’re the only expert here, taking time away from your day job as a TV pundit to enlighten us. The rest of us are just imagining how Allegri is the garbage coach he is.

  7. Michael

    @lord.. Lol your comments are hilarious. Please keep them coming !


    PS5, you should be playing on your Commodore 64 with Banger Max, 0-60 mph in 60 minutes.
    Merchant banker. I wish I owned a bank, but I your mom is not complaining, so all is well. PS, want a PS5… Just ask after all I am your step father.

  9. NOrata

    Lord Oldy Arguing with Millenials, you’re the only one who’s ever played on a Commodore 64. And given that you want 3 Juve men in your room, I doubt you’ve been anywhere near anyone’s mom. Single and a loser, no doubt. You’re no-one’s step or real dad…unless you count SIMs as your family.

  10. NOrata

    Make a prediction, Rob…


    Someone was adopting my user name as they mentioned “Phd”. Hercule I always spell it correctly (PhD). Look for the clues. I don’t mind as I do not wet my knickers like you, thinking I am using your name. If I want to call on you, I shall summon you my son. That reminds me how many diapers do I need to get you? Your mom says you often double diaper. 1 on regular days, 2 when Medieval Max takes to the touchline and even the tripleta when it comes to finals.


    Pampers Pure, Huggies or Luvs?

  13. NOrata

    I’ve never used your name. Unlike you, I actually only use this one. Take your beef elsewhere.

  14. serie a lover6

    di maria is one of the best crossers in the game. exactly what vlahovic needs. a two year deal would be good. reading these comments about his age but he is going be in the wcup starting 11 before dybala.

  15. NOrata

    😘. Lord you’re turning me on. My tongue is wagging.

  16. jay kiely

    Hey lord allegri, who do you support?


    That is part of the mystery Mr. Kiely. I support Doreen and her son NOrata, real name Humphrey. His dad left her for another man, and I stepped in to take care of the young lady along with her mother. Not exactly an oil painting, but good to wash my sack lol.

  18. Retni adrem

    Di Maria will be more than fine as stop gap for 2 yrs, allowing our youngsters to continue to develop.
    @ Lord: you’re the definition of a butt-hurt di ckh ead.

  19. Mahsoud

    These ppl who want this nearly expired 34 yo player will be the same ppl who will curse him after 2 years he failed to deliver anything.
    You should tell your master allegri to try get Beckham, Thierry Henry, also Trez is still in a good shape and also grab Tevez and Davids while your’e at it.

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